November 12th, 2003

Smackdown (Anger)

Screw This Place

As my hero Spider Jerusalem saiys, "I Hate It Here". Every day, I look around and see the vast majority of humans being the biggest jackessed morons that I can imagine...and apparently either oblivious to it, or uncaring about it. A couple of examples, just within the last 24 hours:

  • 4-way stops...need I go into detail? It's a simple thing, to wait your turn and then go, but so freakin' many just go whenever they can, ignoring the rotation and order, and then have the gall to give YOU a dirty look
  • Citizens who further they very thing they do not like by not letting the issue die...and citizens furthering the very thing they do not like, even when they don't neeed to be involved. Hell, even my 7-year-old stepson said yesterday "Geez, if you don't like it, don't look."
  • Media "in-depth investigative" stories that do nothing but continue a culture of paranoia, so that people are then afraid or angry, even though the issue at hand only affects a small number of people..all in the name of ratings

I'm sure you could think of more, but you get the idea. I hate this planet...and I hate most of the people on it. If I didn't completely believe that I was one of the few voices of sanity, and wasn't determined to make some kind of difference somehow, I'd have killed myself a long time ago.
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Jet (Cowboy Bebop)

Microsoft Working On Pop-Up Blocker

One of the most annoying forms of advertising on the Internet — pop-up ads — could be toast, pending Microsoft's recent decision to test pop-up-blocking tools for future versions of Internet Explorer.

Now, while this might sound good, it has a couple of serious downsides. The obvious one is the same one that plagues all pop-up blockers: discrimination. How does it determine what is an advertising pop-up and what is a legit pop-up window of the site? Now, hopefully, MS will take a cue from Proxomitron and use an 'unLoad reloader', but we'll have to wait and see. Still, having one integrated with the browser will be a nice touch, since most people don't have a clue how (and are afraid) to download one from the Net and install it.

However, this brings up the second downside. When you exterminate for bugs in your house, the only ones that live are those that are immune...thus breeding immune bugs. Same goes for antibodies in your own immune system. When you make a filter of some sort mainstream to block annoying bullshit like spam and pop-ups, then the industry creates new things to get around those filters. Spam filters are only as good as how they detect, and spammers find new things to say/create that are not detected, right? Hell, remember when the worst you had to deal with was ad banners on websites? Then they stepped up and made them Java and Flash bits. Then the pop-up windows came...and then the infamous pop-UNDER. Now, you find these damn ad dealies that aren't actually a new window, just something that appears/slides over the page, and has to be manually closed...can't even be blurred to the back or moved, and aren't stopped by pop-up blockers. SO, make pop-ups blocked as a default, and what comes next? That's what *I'M* concerned about.

One thing I do really like in this article: "Advertisers love them because they grab customers' attention. "They're very successful," says Geoff Silvers, director of e-marketing for travel site Orbitz, a big user of pop-under ads. But users hate them. Forty percent of U.S. consumers recently surveyed by Jupiter Research said pop-ups are the most annoying form of online ads -- even more than hated e-mail spam, which 29% ranked as the most annoying." 40% hate them? Doesn't sound too successful to me. Chalk that up to another thing I hate about this place: advertisers more concerned with annoying the fuck out of you than selling you a product.
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City On Fire

Hating For Fun And Profit

Hmmm...some comments I may have made today could be just a tad high on the 'angry bile' scale. it's only really come to my attention within the last 10 inutes or so that I'm in an incredibly bad mood (mood swings can be a bitch) just don't take me too seriously today.