November 20th, 2003


Many Happy Returns

Well, I may not be the first, but I'm still giving a big ol' birthday shout out to one of my bro's, cheapdialogue. Hope it's a rockin' day for ya, m'man...blessings upon you, your house, and your endeavours.

I also gotta shout out the same birthday greets to my newest friend, sangredestina!
Smackdown (Anger)


I love forums...really I do (he said, his voice fairly oozing with sarcasm).

Especially, I get a kick out of glancing through the forums on IMDb. Each movie has it's own little forum, and some of the debates get wild in there. My favourites all revolve around one stupid phrase: "Anyone who thinks so must be..."

You'll see this in almost any public 'Net forum. Discussions come about, opinions get forwarded, and inevitably, some ass-monkey decides to spout off his won opinion, at length and with much heaped invective, and almost always ends with 'anyone who thinks otherwise is a complete moron', or some similar epithet. Yeah, sure, OK...thanks for boiling that down to the nitty-gritty there, pal. Good to know that God himself comes down and chats on the forums sometimes, and let's us know what the proper attitude is, so we can all shape up or ship out, isn't it?

Gee, what's that line about arguing on the Internet and the Special Olympics, hmmm? Don't fall victim to this attitude. 'Anyone' who thinks differently from you is not a moron, they are no better than you...actually, they ARE a little better than you, because they haven't gone out of their way to show what a craptastic mongoloid they are...unlike you.

Time To Make The Proverbial Donuts

Every so often, I make a few statements that really piss people off, or at least shock them into thinking I'm some kind of radical subversive. Not that it isn't true, necessarily...this might be one of those days.

OK, call me heartless and insensitive if you must, but I was sick of the crap surrounding the World Trade Center circus LONG ago. But, just when I'd hoped it calmed down, then all the emotional 'one year ago' things hit. Then, the plans for the new buildings went around. Now, it's all about The WTC Memorial. Would you all get over it? 3,000 people what? I'm sorry they died, too, but I didn't know them, any more than I know the millions of people who die every day, all over the world, plenty of which are actually dying for a cause. Christ, makes me want to bomb something more important.

For all of you who think California is too weird to live, I offer up another reason to add to the list. Apparently, LA county doesn't like that computer hard drives are designated 'master' and 'slave', and feel they are offensive and derogatory terms. DO these people not have anything better to do? Well, they elected a partially articulate Austrian as governor, so draw your own conclusions.

Speaking of the Governator, dig it. Arnold Schwarzenegger is definitely bringing a little Hollywood to Sacramento. The newly-installed governor raised eyebrows among some hard-nosed politicos when his office issued a press advisory that for his inauguration, the former action star would be wearing a grey Prada suit and his wife, Maria Shriver, would be dressed in Valentino. A contact number for the governor’s press office was included. "They spent taxpayers’ money to give free publicity to Prada?" fumed one political insider. "What do they think this is, a red carpet?"

Just to end this on a rockin' note, I gotta share a story form one of my fave rockers. Budget Living Magazine asked aging rock babe Joan Jett what was the best bargain she ever got. Her answer: her two massive tattoos, which set her back a mere $400. "My tattoos are works of art that will stay on my body for the rest of my life," the singer told the mag in its upcoming issue. "I’ll gladly pay a few hundred dollars for that. To me, that’s a bargain!" Heh, rock the Hell on, Joan. You kick ass.
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The Mask (Laughing)

Driving Ambition


etherpunk: "Bush must be a great driver... because he's so good at steering everyone towards his goals while leaving the pedestrians wondering where the hell he learned to drive. If you look at all of the recent press of his trip to London. It's more like Defensive Driving, European Style."

archmage: "Very New York cabbie driving, actually: hit the gas, steer like a madman, piss off the other drivers, and don't really listen to the passenger."
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Smackdown (Anger)

Fuckin' Spam - Now On LJ!

Well, the spammers have stepped up proceedings. I guess LJ is popular enough now.

You may now get anonymous comments that are spam. The most recent one I saw claimed "I added you as a friend, add me back" with a link marked 'my journal'. It was actually a link to a yahoo webcam.

First off, why would you leave an anonymous comment if you were a registered user, asking to be simul-added? Sheesh...anyway, give serious though to turning off your anonymous comments. AT the very least, make sure your IP tracking is on...that could be useful for tracking down where this crap is coming from.
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Cry Blood (Hurt)


Would anyone mind if I just had a short but intense complete personal breakdown? Thanks...I'll be back as soon as I can.

EDIT: Sometimes, when the dyke is about to break, someone manages to come along at exactly the right moment and stick a finger in the hole. Sure, doesn't FIX the leak, but it stoppers it for another few minutes. Thanks buddy...just for answering the phone, even if you didn't realize how good it was to hear a voice.