December 3rd, 2003


Yummy For My Tummy

Just got to meet oldergoddess, who was not only very cool, but who brought me a bunch of chocolate-dipped chocolate-chip cookies and a pan full of fudge.

Hi, My name is Frank, and I'm in snackie-heaven.
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    Collide - Predator

First Star On The Left And Straight On 'Til Morning, My ASS

Well, I'll be headed out in a moment to go with Di to meet with Bug's teacher and some others. Gonna be a bit of a chore for me, if only because I get to sit there with these people who supposedly know what they are doing and try not to stand up, whap them all upside the head and yell "You're a bunch of morons, you know that?"

There's good while I'm gone.