December 8th, 2003


Strange Findings

So, I'm digging through my hard drives today, just poking around, cleaning up some old files, what have ya, right? As I dig, I find the occasional thing that I once thought was funny or interesting, and haven't glanced at in a long time (I'm a bit of a pack rat, y'see). Jokes, anecdotes, weird pix, all kinds of things. Then, I see a file with no file extension, called 'icanremember', in a folder that it is not connected to. checking it out, it appears to be HTML, so I fix the extension to check it out...imagine my surprise when I discover that it's a AIM chat log, and I'm not even involved in the convo! The best I can figure is that, way back when I lived with caliban and 01flux, I used to let Stephanie use my machine sometimes, and this must have gotten accidently saved in this odd place (it's a convo between her and kespernorth). Don't worry guys, there wasn't anything embarrassing or too personal in it, and I have since deleted it...but man, that was weird to randomly come across.