December 28th, 2003



I'm happily drooling over my signed and numbered (109) DVD of "Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath", which arrived yesterday (but I didn't check my mail until today). If you were lucky enough to have caught the premiere of this at the most recent Lovecraft Film Festival, you know how cool this is, if not, then you should just hang your head and cry about how fate sucks. Or you could get one of your own. Either way.
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Immortality Will Be Mine!

It has been brought to my attention that if one were to want to learn to do a fading text transition in Adobe ImageReady, they might decide to search for a tutorial on how to do it. And, if one was to go to and search for 'fading text imageready', the very top link would connect to MY fading text tutorial.

I rock.

Geeks dream of making the first post on Slashdot threads. Me, I'm a Web Graphics Monkey...I dream of being top of a Google search list.