December 29th, 2003


I Give In

OK, OK, it's official, I'm old. At least, that's how I feel when, for whatever reason, I go look up Billboard's top lists, trying to see what they claim as top albums of the year...and everyone on it, I either hate or haven't heard of.

I'd always hoped I wouldn't become that cliché older person, who hated everything about modern music, etc., but it seems it may happen anyway.
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Smackdown (Anger)

Stupidity In The Public Eye

Homeland Security. Not a horrible idea. And then, there are the little things, the idiots enforcing it that make the program look bad. For instance, there's the recent story of fish that threatened national security, a situation where, in the interest of National Security, the airport screeners wouldn't allow a fish in a baggie on a plane. Yep, your tax dollars in action.

Speaking of National Security, the FBI is urging police to watch for people carrying almanacs, since terrorists may use almanacs "to assist with target selection and pre-operational planning." And, of course, no NORMAL person would read an almanac for it's INFORMATION as a REFERENCE BOOK. What's next? Since terrorists could use cell phones to pinpoint attacks, should we watch all cell phone users? I've heard that they occasionally drive cars to or from an attack...we better watch out for car drivers as well. And, wait, don't most of them BREATHE? Oh my!

Yes, these are the idiots that make the government look bad (and believe me, it doesn't need any outside help). However, surely selling decommissioned aircraft carriers on eBay is perfectly fine. No terrorist would DREAM of buying one and searching for the weakest part. Why, that would just be plain SILLY.

And While I'm At It...

Apparently it snowed here last night/this morning. At least, that's what I hear from everyone else in the area...but it seems that there was a no-snow zone, just around my area of the city. Snowed in every direction AROUND me, but not RIGHT HERE.

Pppppbbbbtttttt to you, snow.
Burn The World

LJ: The Commercial

You may not have heard that this would happen. Frankly, more than a few of us are surprised, but, well, read the post, and you'll see that it was probably worth it. Anyway, since chances are that you didn't see it (it played in played in Regal Cinemas from Dec 12th-25th, in 4 cities, in about 4 theatres per city. Nothing big. Nice and cheap.), here's your chance.

Sure, why not?