January 6th, 2004

Smackdown (Anger)

Rude Awakening

7:30 am -- Eyes crack open, lift head to see Di off to work. "'Morning, baby...have a good day." And then, all hell broke loose.

"There's 4 inches of snow outside. Bug's school is closed, so he'll stay here today. Oh, and my computer won't boot up."

The streets and sky were clear at 2 am, mind you. Needless to say, no going back to sleep for me. Up, get dressed, go out to help her clear off her car (which, since she chose to wear sandals, was ME clearing off her car), then come back in to see if I can fix her machine...which, so far, I can't.

My head hurts, and it's only 8:30. I'm not doing so hot...can't seem to focus. Need food.

Fear Me, For I Am The God Of Hellfire

No, I don't know where that came from, so don't ask.

Anyway, after trying everything I cold think of to fix the problem (to no avail), I finally just said 'fuck it' and re-installed Di's OS. Since this is Windows, I'm not sure why I didn't just do that in the first place...guess I was not quite awake and thought I could fix it. Heh, what was I thinking?

Anyway, works fine now, even repaired a nagging little problem from previous. Still haven't gotten any food, though...

Snow, Man.

So, Bug was home today with the school closing, Sad, how people freak out with the snow (I understand Seattle has three major channels devoting coverage to 'the storm'...yeesh). Anyway, we decided it was an imperative that we go out in the snow, especially seeing as behind our apartment was untouched. Things started out slow, but escalated into snow-throwing, power-tackling ChaosWinterfest. At one point, I managed to convince him to let me bury him...

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...and it was nice to see that, with all that we were rough-housing, he never once complained or acted like he was anything but deliriously happy. Just goes to show the rest of the family that if you treat him like he's more grown-up, he can hack it.