January 8th, 2004

Heart In This Shell


While I happen to like this bit, regardless of anything else, I'm especially posting it for nythien, who doesn't seem to be having the happiest of New Years.
A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but without it's individual thorns, it would lack uniqueness. It is our imperfections and trivialities that define us as individual beings. The man who spends his entire life lost in the great pursuits, with no time for the lesser, is the man who would go through life enlightened but unnoticed...and no amount of personal enrichment makes complete anonymity desirable.

-- Sandman Mystery Theatre, ep. 49, "The Return of the Scarlet Ghost, Pt. 1"
Don't ever change, my friend.
Smackdown (Anger)

Christ On A Bun

I just went through a 20-minute screaming match with my brother, of all people. For those not in the know, John and I have always had a bone of contention over our parents. During the divorce, years ago, he was still a kid, living at home, and I was living in Memphis, and as he was still there with Mom, he was pretty well filled with her side of things. Since I supported the divorce, he's always seen it as me taking Dad's side, and since he was on Mom's side....well, you grok. Since Mom and I already had a strained relationship, things that happened during the divorce made us even farther apart...and that has always bothered my brother. As such, he and I have been in more than one heated discussion about 'the family', but never like this.

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Dammit, he called just as Di was finishing dinner, so my food was starting to cool by the time I got to eat it, but luckily it was still delicious. It all just goes to show that I really am not a part of my blood family, and haven't been for a while. What they fail to see is that blood ties mean nothing to me. Just because you are related to someone doesn't give them the right to be jackasses...they have to earn and keep your respect just like anyone else. I count as my 'family' those people that I hold near and dear to me, for whatever reason, not someone who, by a random act of genetics, shares DNA with me. He cannot see the things I have against Mom, because he was too young to understand them...and, in the time-honoured tradition of those in their mid-20's, he thinks he knows everything.

I guess it runs in the family. Now, if I could just get someone to run OVER that family, I'd be happier.
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