January 26th, 2004

Dark Baby


Didn't sleep well at all...which just makes me grumpy. Ah well.

In the "Christ, You're An Idiot" department today, we have these mongoloids who apparently don't know the first fucking thing about physics and how it applies to towing cars. Stupid dumbfucks got what they deserved, far's I'm concerned.

In the "See? Some Christians Are Pretty Cool" department, we have this little news bit which shows that the Pope is smart enough to discern the art behind things. Apparently, a bunch of breakdancers performed for him (bet the people in the Vatican never expected to see THAT), and he openly blessed their creativity and work...and that, my friends, kicks ass.

And now, I'm off...looks like I need to help ibdreamy keep her laptop breathing long enough for her to get her taxes back and get a new computer, and I better get a shower first. I do believe I offend.
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Stupid People On The Internet

You need a license to drive. You need a license to hunt. Why, oh WHY don't you need a license to use the 'Net?

Case in point: Dig this complete zero. The guy that runs that site, from time to time, goes trolling on IM for idiots with webcams, looking for cybersex, and basically humiliates them. That's kinda sad, but I can deal with that, since it just points out the REAL sad individuals, these morons who actually think they are talking to some hot girl who conveniently has no boyfriend and is actually getting off on whatever moronic shit you are typing to them, misspelled and chatspeak translated, all while viewing your shitty webcam shots of your pathetic body.

This guy (in the link), though, man, he takes the cake. TWICE.

Might not be work-safe, though no nudity is displayed (unless you count skinny whitebread bird-chest). It all just reminds me of the "chick" that contacted me months back, and how far I managed to drag THAT out...*snork*...but that is another story...

Ambitious Animation

Though I'm not actually entering it into the present contest at dreamyicons, I had to make an icon that was personal to me, something that was obviously for myself...here's what I came up with:

Collapse )

Anyway, it's probably my longest icon animation to date, and I'm very happy with it
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Dum De Dum De Dum

Erik claimed he wasn't feeling good earlier, so we sent him on to bed. Di decided SHE was awfully tired, so SHE went to bed early. And then there's me.


Fixing an icon for thisismostlyme, passing a few words with etherpunk, chatting with theatresphynx while trying to solve an ImageReady problem she had, and fielding phone calls from ibdreamy about why her new computer won't connect to the 'Net. All this while hurling large boulders at tiny knights and crappy castles that an arthritic goblin with a bum leg could assault with a spork, a ream of recycled paper, and an overripe tomato...but damn is it fun. Oh, and downing sweet tea...damn my Southern-ness, eh?

Here's to late nights!