January 29th, 2004

Getting Old (Suckage)


Yep, I'm up early.

You go to bed early some time and then have nightmares about having a heart attack, see when YOU get up.

New Year, New Things

Just a time for changes, it seems. I just recently saw a good friend, who happens to be one of the staunchest supporters of Nintendo I know, actually mention Nintendos slow spiral to doom and but a PS2. Blew me away.

I, too, have entered into a new realm. Starting yesterday, I dropped IE (who I have supported through thick and thin, in spite of it's flaws) and started using Mozilla Firebird. Still getting used to it, and still have a few issues with it, but that's to be expected.
Archmage Chaos

How Can A Movie Nut Such As I Hate So Many Movies?

As usual, the upcoming crop of flicks is a source of pleasure and pain to me.

For instance, on one end of the spectrum, we have M. Night Shyamalan's newest, The Village. THAT'S lookin' good, so far...which is nice to see, since so far, M. Night hasn't impressed me, at all. In fact, in some ways, he's annoyed me, so I'm hoping for the best.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Van Helsing, which has already pissed me off...and he worst part is that everyone else is gonna LOVE it, and I won't see or hear the end of it for months on end. Once again, Hollywood is taking established stories and characters and just winging it, making a film that is going to LOOK gorgeous, and all the kiddies are gonna cream their panties over it, and no one is going to stand up for what is being raped.

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Now, off the spectrum entirely, we have The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra, which I'm MASSIVELY looking forward to. Made to be a spoof of all the old serials and monster flicks, it's so overdone as to be preposterous...and looks like ass-loads of fun. It's 'off the spectrum' because these guys didn't care about making a film that would win Oscars and impress the Pop Culture Plebes, they just made a film that was funny and that they wanted to do. Kudos to them, and kudos again.
Cry Blood (Hurt)

Bad, Bad Archmage

I actually have icon requests sitting in my inbox that are MONTHS overdue...this stems from the fact that, deep down inside, I'm a slacker.

For instance, this long-overdue icon is for sandmansister:

Hopefully, she'll forgive the extreme lateness of it.
Burn The World

Movies, Deep And Otherwise

Just got finished watching The Order. It didn't do well in theatres, and I can see why: it makes you THINK. Frankly, I loved it, and I plan on buying it...thought it kicked ass. It made me curious, and it kept me wondering if it was going to explain certain things, and it both did and didn't. Did, in that it gave me enough story to make things make sense and tie up the loose ends; didn't, in that it didn't stop to give me a screamingly obvious bunch of plot exposition, for which I was thankful. In fact, there was only one thing that never seemed to get explained (which gets to me a little), and even that I can live with.

Screw what the critics have said, screw what anyone has complained about this movie: see it. Beautifully done, interesting story, and worth giving some thought to. A few of you might get this, and the rest of you can just infer: by halfway through this film, I had already constructed enough storylines involving it to run a game for a good three years, real time. I'm talking as long as my much-applauded Red Steel campaign, or the old Ravenloft one (remember those, discordian and multi_jinx?). Man, did it ever make me miss gaming, all over again.

Dammit, aren't there any of you in the area that want to do some gaming? *sigh*

As movies go, I do have another you ought to look into seeing: Scorched. Not an amazing movie, but cute, and fun to watch once. Woody Harrelson and John Cleese, and some other people who don't matter, in my opinion. Not for everyone, but, like I said, cute. I enjoyed it.

And now, on to add to my collection of crappy horror flicks, I'm off to watch Cabin Fever. I have extremely high low hopes for this one...hell, when I rented it, the guy at the video store asked if I'd seen it, and when I said that no, I hadn't, but I love bad horror films, he immediately brightened up and said "Well, you'll love this, then...I haven't gotten or heard a single good review of it yet." When even the store clerks (who are supposed to talk up any and all the movies) are admitting it sucked, you KNOW it's bad. Whee!