February 3rd, 2004

Smackdown (Anger)

Advertising Out Of Control

Now, I DO understand why there is advertising on the Web. Someone has to pay for these sites to stay in business, and I'm not throwing cash at them. That advertising pays their server costs, so that you can get the content for free. Therefore, I don't complain too much about ads. If they're too invasive (popping-up in front of what I'm doing, for instance), yeah, I don't like it, but I work around it. I don't feel bad using pop-up and ad blockers, since I'm not the type that is going to click on banner ads anyway; they aren't losing potential revenue from me. Go ahead, call me a hypocrite if you like.

Regardless, THIS is excessive. Short version: new 30-second video ads are being tested on 15 sites over the next five weeks. They are the result of a collaboration between online ad developers, Unicast, and software giant, Microsoft. Yep, a full-length commercial, full-screen. They are claiming that if this works, it could cut down on the number of ads, over all...but meanwhile, they are adding commercials to your internet.

Now, the way I figure it, this is the 'Net. The same information you want is available 10 different places, generally. So, if you hit some site using these commercials, you probably aren't going back. Instant bad review. So I don't see them doing well. Add to that the fact that the pop-up and ad blockers will probably find a way to stop this from happening, as well, and it no longer becomes useful.

Here's what REALLY bothers me: this will be a "2MB, 30 second, broadcast quality video, regardless of connection speed...based on Microsoft's Windows Media 9 Series and uses Unicast proprietary pre-cached technology." This implies that, while you are surfing, it's downloading the ad to your machine, so that, come time for it to pop up, it's already on your machine. Well, there's no way I'm allowing something I'm not affiliated with to be downloading files to my machine, especially a commercial. It'll be time to fiddle with the firewall settings, I do believe...that and disable Windows Media Player.
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Getting Old (Suckage)

I Hate Waiting

One of the worst parts about ordering anything online is the waiting period. Knowing that you can hit that link anytime to track your order, but also knowing that it's not going to have changed yet...and so you wait, and wait, and wait.

But hey, where else could I have gotten a 50-movie DVD set of classic horror films (some of which I've never previously been able to track down at all), one which retails for $200, for only $30? I can't really complain at having to wait a few days.