February 9th, 2004

Smackdown (Anger)

On The President

I received a bumper sticker yesterday with a stylized cowboy being thrown off of his horse, and the text "Vote the son-of-a-Bush Out!" Made me laugh.

Today, I read the transcript of Bush's interview on "Meet The Press". Didn't make me laugh. Can this guy give a straight answer to anything? At least half the questions he was asked, he didn't actually answer, just spewed the same rhetoric over and over. Even admitted he was repeating himself, but just seemed to think that if he babbled the same spun comments enough, we'd all just accept them, and maybe ignore the fact that he hadn't actually answered the question.

I'm against voting along party lines...I feel you should vote for the PERSON, not some bullshit organization. But I highly recommend you vote Democrat.
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City On Fire


(No Names Today, Sorry)

Someone recently told me to "remember how I affect people". They meant it in a good way, but I considered it from both ends of the spectrum...and I realized that it's not something I think about, usually...at least, not from the 'good' end. I don't really try to be anything, I just try to be there for people, and help them to be happy, if I can...or at least less sad.

Even not thinking about it, it still jumps into my face sometimes. Take today. Someone I consider a friend complained that, after being backstabbed by a friend of his, he was thinking about life and lamented that he has no friends. I asked what happened. He responded that we'd talk privately, over e-mail, but not to take offence at the "no friends", because he considered me something of a 'mentor or father figure'.


There's no way to respond to that, except to say that I am deeply honoured that someone would think that highly of me. Needless to say, though, it made me feel VERY good.
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