February 10th, 2004

City On Fire


Hey, just something for you to think about:

It's not whether or not you get lost sometimes. Everyone gets lost. It's whether or not you keep going until you find the path again.

G'night, y'all. Sleep well.


You know, considering the plan is for us to be moving this weekend, you'd think I'd have done more than I have around here...but I haven't. I really SHOULD get some stuff packed...but I just keep looking around and figuring that I have time. Ah well, no worries.

Should have a shitload of movie goodness tomorrow, if all goes according to plan. Speaking of movies, stayed up late watching 'Battle Royale 2' last night, which made about as much sense as most Japanese flicks. Obviously, I enjoyed it, but it's another that I have to do all kinds of funky shit to watch. Yeesh, the things I do for my addictions.

It's the birthday of both Jimmy Durante and Lon Chaney, Jr...so I order you to do something show business related today.
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