February 13th, 2004

Kiss My Ass

Another Lesson In Hate, Burning Inside

Oh, look, another example of religion fucking people up.

Here we have, not one, not two, but THREE pharmacists, all fired from a drugstore. Why? Seems a lady who had been raped and who had been given a prescription for emergency contraception went in to get it filled...and they refused to do it. One of them (the one who alerted the media, apparently), even says he "went in the back room and briefly prayed about it...I actually called my pastor and asked him what he thought about it."

Yep, you read correctly...reused to fill a prescription, because he felt it was against his religion, even to the point of stopping to pray about it and call his mothafuckin' PRIEST about it. Does he have NOTHING Better to be doing? And let's not forget here that this isn't a case of him not doing something , it's him forcing someone ELSE not to do something, because of his beliefs.

Seems as though they were fired six days after this happened...you better believe that, had I been running that store, they'd have been out that fuckin' minute. This is your JOB, kiddies, and you do it or you look for other employment, period. You are not here to make moral judgements dependant upon your own particular flavour of unprovable thoughts about some alleged spook-in-the-sky. If you cannot seem to hack it through the day without this, maybe you should consider a job in the priesthood. And before the shitstorm descends, it clearly states in the employment manual that pharmacists are not allowed to opt out of filling a prescription for religious, moral or ethical reasons...so it's not like they didn't KNOW ahead of time.

Fuckin' Humans. Grow up and evolve, willya?
MythOs - They're Blasphemously Delicious

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A man stops by his regular doctor with this strange discolouring of his genitals. The doctor was quite amazed. He had never seen such a shade of orange on a man's privates. After a very thorough examination, the befuddled doctor finally confessed he had no ideas.

So he said to the man "I don't quite understand what is going on here." Then he asked, "So tell me, what is it you do?"
The man said, "Not much, really."
The doctor asked, "Do you work?"
The man replied, "No, I've been laid off for months."
The doctor then said, "Well, what is it that you do all day?"
The man replied "Not much really, I sit around, watching porn and eating Cheetos all day..."
Burn The World

Movin' On

OK, just to prove what a digital graphics monkey I am: I was doing a quickie little icon thing, and I went to save it, using "Save For Web" in the Photoshop dialogue, when it gave me an error message claiming it couldn't do that because "an assertion has failed". I had this problem with ImageReady a couple weeks ago, but reinstalling fixed it, so, with a heavy sigh, I go to reinstall...problem doesn't go away. I finally fixed it (reinstalling after hacking the registry), but, in the meantime, I was, quite literally, physically ill, as in I thought I was gonna puke.

Yes, all over a computer program. You should have figured out by now that I'm not kidding when I imply that my graphic work is my life.

This will probably be my last normal entry until things are settled in at the new place (or at least, until the cable connection, my desk, and The Banshee are settled in). the thought of being offline just bugs me (I'm an addict, sue me), but hopefully it won't be long. Should get the last of the major stuff done tonight, and hopefully get all the furniture moved tomorrow, as well as the major boxes...and technically, we have until the end of the month to be out, so the little stuff and unboxed stuff can wait, since it'll just be us, a couple of Di's friends at work, and a U-Haul.

Play nice, and I'll try and update, phone-wise, to complain about being sore.