February 15th, 2004



'Rents-in-law came to the new place, brought the 8' shelves they were giving us, so now I have a place for all my toys...YAY! Also, brought home-made Swedish meatballs...double YAY!.

And now, back to work.
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    Insane Clown Posse - Bugz On My Nutz

Game Time

Found Crimson Room earlier today...that was pretty cool. Can you escape the room?

caliban got me hooked on GunBound the other day. If you ever played "Worms" or "Scorched Earth" and liked it, this is just about the same thing, only very anime looking. Only problem is the same problem I have with all online games: the people tend to be these little punks who have nothing better to do but sit around and play constantly, and the servers are just chock full of them...which means you have to put up with none of them wanting YOU to play, since you are brand new to the game. Stupid fuckers...still, it's fun. He and I try to meet up and play when we can. Frankly, I'd love someone else on to join up...anyone interested? Let me know your username,and let's hook up.