February 17th, 2004



Burned my flippin' hand last night on a pizza...gotta get the rest of my kitchen stuff over here...
Smackdown (Anger)

"Stupid TV...Be More Funny!" - Homer Simpson

It's starting to come fast and thick. Right on the heels of Janet's floppy funbag hangin' out of her "malfunctioning" outfit, now we have people up in arms about OutKast's performance at the Grammy Awards. Apparently, the performance featured frenetic dancing, feathers and war paint, which some called racist and degrading.

Um...what? You know, there actually was a time when you could put some work, thought, and art into a performance, base it all around a theme, and the crowd would love it...and that crowd would be plenty diverse, culturally. Nowadays, it seems that no matter what idea you have for a performance of any kind, some schmuck is gonna get his civic group to whine about it. Seems that no one cares anymore about making anything worthwhile, and who can blame them; whenever an idea goes any further than matching outfits, some asshole is going to raise a stink about it. C'mon, "frenetic dancing, feathers and war paint"? That sounds no worse than the Village People...not that I thought they were any good, and frankly, today, they'd be the centre of a major controversy between the closed-minded conservatives that don't want anyone to admit homosexuality exists, and the vocal liberals who want nothing hidden.

Read on through this article...the bullshit piles up so fast you need wings to stay above it. The San Francisco-based Native American Cultural Center called for a boycott of CBS, OutKast, Arista (their record company), and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences...as if all these people were SO involved in this. Indianz.com launched an online petition calling for an apology...which I find mildly amusing, since the very name of the site looks more hip-hop than Native American. Tom Bee, an Albuquerque record producer and musician who was nominated for this year's Native American Music Grammy, was particularly angered that the dancers who accompanied Benjamin wore feathers, a sacred symbol for Natives...because, of course no one can wear feathers outside of the Indians, right?

Look, it's like this. I'm not saying you cannot be proud of your culture, etc. You should be, and more power to you for doing it. At the same time, remember that this is America, the great "melting pot", and we all live here...and that means ALL our cultures are gonna get mixed, and smoothed, and used. C'mon, I've got Scottish background, but you don't see me whining and screaming about Fat Bastard, or Willie the groundskeeper from the Simpsons. Just because you are proud of your culture doesn't mean you have to explode every time there's something in public that's not correct. Instead of coming off like a jackass, why not offer education into the truth? Hell, understanding the correct forms better makes you appreciate the humour that is created, anyway...and then we can ALL laugh along with it, not only because it's funny in and of itself, but because we know the truth...and sometimes, what's funny is so because it IS so true.

Hey, here's an idea: turn off the fuckin' TV. Read a book, play a game, spend some time with friends that move and breathe and laugh and cry and fuck and joke and smile...instead of the big boxy one that radiates. Ya bunch of goddamn tele-zombies.
Getting Old (Suckage)


My heart goes out to theatresphynx, who has become a very good friend over the last couple months, and who is hurting right now. Wish I could help, darlin'...but for now, just know I'm thinking about ya.

Music Funness

Copied from erotocism

The Rules are:
Step 1: Open your Winamp or other MP3 player
Step 2: Put all of your music on random.
Step 3: Write down the first ten songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing.

1. The Damning Well - Awakening
2. Ted Nugent - Wango Tango
3. Misfits - Attitude
4. Silent Hill 2 - Opening (Laura's Theme)
5. Nick Cave - John Finn's Wife
6. DJ JD - The Djinni
7. Primus - Devil Went Down To Georgia
8. Paul Oakenfold - Speed (Swordfish OST)
9. Megadeth - Dread And The Fugitive Mind
10. Overseer - Supermoves