March 4th, 2004

Getting Old (Suckage)

Dreaming Is Free

Woke up ungodly early...shoulder pain yelling loud enough to wake me up, it seemed. Whimpered for a while, then finally dropped back off, and had this strange dream where I left the apartment for a while to go to the store, and when I came back, the door was hung from the opposite side, some of my posters were moved, and someone had tried to fire up a game on my computer. Di came to see what was up, and couldn't seem to understand that the locks and doorknob had been on the opposite side when I left, nor did she notice that the posters had been moved. Needless to say, I was furious...especially since whoever had accomplished this feat of sneaking, breaking, entering, and engineering had also fucked with my machine...and didn't know how to play the game.