March 5th, 2004


These Are Days

Fell asleep on the couch, watching a really old film. That hurt the ol' neck. Got up and went to bed, only to have Di call me. OK, no worries, did what she needed, and laid back down. Next thing I know, she's walking into the room, and the whole afternoon is gone.

Since then, head and neck have been killing me. Made up for it all, though. We made home-made meatball subs which, I must say, were excellent. Went and snagged some flicks, which leads me to the rest of the evening.

Finally watched Donnie Darko. Been meaning to see it forever, but never picked it, before you few start quizzing and asking and discussing it with me, I gotta tell you, it was not what I expected, but it was very good, and I do plan on buying the DVD. The more it settles into my brain, the more I like it, but there are a few things I still need to get my head around. However, I've taken a liking to 'Frank The Bunny' (partly just due to the name), and desperately want the t-shirt with him on it that says "why are you in that stupid man suit?", just a nod to anyone that ever wanted to buy me something. I sense a new icon in my future...

Anyway, the more I let it ooze around my synapses, the more I like it, but it did have a few problems...the main one being that, without the knowledge of a few things on the website (or DVD extras, I understand), the movie's "point" is lost. I'm seeing a trend with that, and I don't like it. OK, I know computers and the 'Net are just this side of stepping into that slot marked 'Total Home Integration', held previously only by Radio and TV, but come on. Making a film that is not complete unless you do some heavy netsurfing (and if you've never been to the website, we aren't talking about an easy site to deal with) is just obnoxious. What if the site goes down? It's not going to be up forever. Ah well, not worth my ranting about...yes, I actually said that, write this date down in history.

Well, Di has gone on to dreamland, and I'm look for me on IM, if you like. Anyone wanna play some GunBound?
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See? We Should Rule.

kespernorth and I were talking about some mildly suspicious news bits he linked me to, and why they may or may not be reported in America. I mentioned how much harder it is in today's world to keep something under wraps, due to the links in world news that were unavailable even just 10 years ago, and he agreed, with a few caveats...

kespernorth: 1) people are stupid
kespernorth: 2) we're suspicious bastards
archmage: wholeheartedly agreed
archmage: on both counts
kespernorth: 3) we're, ahem, weirdos. and who listens to a weirdo?
archmage: also quite true
kespernorth: 4) nobody but a weirdo wakes up at two in the morning and decides to troll obscure media for wacktastic conspiracy shit based on something somebody mentioned in a blog
archmage: except us.
kespernorth: Right.
archmage: well, there you go.
archmage: we should rule the planet.
kespernorth: *nodnods* we should!
kespernorth: with an iron fish!
archmage: I'll go for that.
archmage: but where can you get an iron fish at 2am?
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The Mask (Laughing)

This Is Why I'm Fun To Talk To When You're Drunk...

...because I'll go along with whatever you say. ;)

gonzo_md: i'm fucking plasterd
archmage: Well, that's a start
gonzo_md: and i'vfe had enoug to drink to choke a small elephantt
archmage: Well, tell the elephant to give it back.
archmage: No need to waste good booze on underage pachyderms.
gonzo_md: yeah, well
gonzo_md: the fucking elephant's bigger than i am
archmage: So? Stand up for yourself.
gonzo_md: i have to hide first
archmage: ah, sniper...nice choice.
gonzo_md: and ninja assault the bastard
archmage: Ninja works too, but be careful, they have REALLY good hearing.
gonzo_md: yeah, they do
gonzo_md: samurais are fucking badass
archmage: They have to be...
archmage: Otherwise, people would laugh at the goofy armour.
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Shout Out

A big 'Happy Birthday' to my bud and political sparring partner, achmanage...Many Happy Returns, bro'!

And, completely unrelated to the above:

theatresphynx: :: eyebrow quirk :: care to tell me how increasing the size of "ma luuuuuv muscle" is relevant to pompoms?
archmage: bigger genitalia = attracting big-chested cheerleaders. Everyone knows that. ;)
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