March 8th, 2004


Same Shite, Different Journal

Good morning, and welcome to another Monday...oh, don't cry, it's not ALL bad.

Well, mostly, perhaps, but not all.

Well, here's something to get your morning going: The Dildo Powered Bicycle. That first page is pretty work-safe, if you care to read, but I wouldn't go clicking any other picture links at the office. Yes, this is legit, not just some weird kind of porn.
Worship Chaos

Bridging The Gap

Too funny...

I'm out doing my walk, right? At one point, ahead of me, I see some woman, and, after a moment, I realize she's speaking in sign language to someone I cannot see. Dunno what she was saying, but she looked pretty exasperated or annoyed. Soon, a guy comes into view, and off they walk, in my direction. He's a couple paces behind her, and as I get close to them, he looks at me, and starts bitching about sign language! No idea what he actually said (I don't know sign language), but from his expression, it had to be something like "Geez, get her" or "I dunno what her problem is". Getting the gist of it, I cocked a smile at him, gave him the ol' tip o'the hat salute, and he smiles broadly and salutes back.

As I walked on, I just got to giggling...language is no barrier to expression, it seems. Worlds apart we may have been, but we knew what the other meant.

Unrelated to that, I also found it funny that two different cars stopped to ask me directions. I've been in this neighbourhood less than a month, and my walking is pretty random, seeing where streets go, and here I am, giving directions.

Contrasting Cool And Geek

We all know I'm not a fan of Nintendo. That's not what this is about, just a side note to the story.

Apparently, some guy paid a Scottish swordsmith $3,300 to actually make Link's 'Master Sword' from the Legend of Zelda game series.

Now, on one hand, as a fan of blades, I can look on this and appreciate a well-crafted sword. Wonderfully done, and accurate to the last detail, it's a thing of beauty. On the other hand, it makes me want to mail him and ask him when he's gonna put down the controller and get a girlfriend.

Ah well, I guess if you have the money and it makes you happy, go for it. Not like I wouldn't do the same thing with a few 'legendary weapons'...
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