March 11th, 2004

The Mask (Laughing)

That's Nothing

A young boy goes to the zoo with his father. As they are passing the elephant exhibit the youngster looks over at the elephant.
After a few seconds he turns to his Dad and asks "Dad, what's that hanging down from the elephant?"
His father replies "That's his trunk son."
"No, no, Dad," says the boy, "at the back."
"Oh, that's his tail" replies his father.
"No, Dad," the boy says, "Between his legs."
The father looks over and replies "That's his penis, son."
The young lad thinks about the answer for a minute, and then says to his father "Last week Mommy told me that was nothing."
"Well son," replies his father, "You have to remember that your mother is a very spoiled woman."
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No one cares but me, but I felt like stating it...I got my Double Metal Axe ranking last night. Woo!

Now, if the game will just stop crashing out while caliban and I are playing...
Dark Baby

R.I.P. Dave Blood

Dead Milkmen's Dave Blood Dies

Dave Blood, bassist for beloved Philadelphia rock act the Dead Milkmen, committed suicide yesterday (March 10), according to a post by his sister Kathy on the band's official message board. In a subsequent post, Milkmen drummer Dean Clean confirmed the news.

"This morning Dave Blood is no longer with us," his sister wrote. "David is my brother. Since the breakup of the band David has never really found his niche in life. My brother was a smart, clever and talented person. Inner peace has seemed to elude him for the last many years. Sometime last night David chose to end his life. He left a note that I don't know all of what it said, he was not elaborate -- but he said he just could not stand to go on any longer."


I'm just ya think he went out while listening to "Life Is Shit"?