March 14th, 2004

Archmage Chaos

RIP Lovecraft

67 years ago on this day, the world lost Howard Phillips Lovecraft to intestinal cancer, and chances are pretty good that, at the time, not too many thought much about it; he'd never published a true book, his stories were scattered through various pulp magazines, his resources were nonexistent, and his friends were few.  Only later, through the work of the few friends he DID have (namely August Derleth and Donald Wandrei) did his stories and writings get the press they deserved, and he became the most influential horror writer ever.

Take a moment out of your day to think on him, and offer your thanks for all that he did, and all that came after as a result of his influence.

Rest easy, Howard.  Out here, you live forever.

Get It Right

OK, let me just start out by saying this is petty, nitpicky, fanboy-ish, and basically stupid.  Thus, any comments to that effect are now redundant, pointless, and even more stupid than the post.

Still with me?  Let's move on.

Ran across this link to Pyramid today.  For those that don't immediately perk up, the "Pyramid Gallery" was the place in "Hellraiser 3: Hell On Earth" where J.P. Monroe bought the Pillar Of Souls.  Anyway, of course I was interested, and checked it out.

Apparently, this is a site that sells replicas of the Lament Configuration (the Box, from the hellraiser films).  Wood with a brass etched covering, they look great, and for $125, they damn well better.  My first thought was 'hey, cool, a little pricey, but pretty, nonetheless'.  Then I get to looking...and there are 5 OTHER "boxes" for sale, and 59 more of them, listed as 'work in progress'.  Every one of them with a name and a tagline, and all but a few supposedly constructed by Philip Lemarchand.

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Good Samaritan

Well, did my good deed for the day.  In our apartment area, there are a couple little girls, 8 and 10, that Erik has become friends with.  They think we're pretty cool, because we have rats and cool toys and posters, so it's groovy.

Today, Erik was in from playing, eating lunch, when the older girl comes to the door, asking for help; apparently, the younger one climbed up in a tree and got stuck.  So, yes, I got out there and shagged up in that tree, 20 feet up, to get her down.  Lemme tell ya, I'm impressed, as I wouldn't have thought my fat ass would have managed it, much less stayed there and managed to get someone else down out of it, without both of us busting our butts, but there ya go.

And now, lunch.


I've discovered that playing "Freelancer" for too long has an adverse effect on my system.  Three straight hours of full 360 degree high-speed space combat in a massively tricked out heavy combat fighter is gorgeous, but it's now got my blood racing, my hands twitching, and my mind refuses to focus.  All I can think is "Yes, my friend, 7, count 'em, 7 Reaper Mark 2 cannons DO have a way of eating away at one's hull armour, don't they?  I've comrades in heaven and enemies in hell...say hello for me."

Name game

If you know me as Chaos, well, you could be almost anybody.
If you know me as Zauron, you've gamed with me
If you know me as DMG (Dungeon Master God), you've gamed under me
If you know me as PJ, you're my Dad
If you know me as Frank Howard, you're my Mom, or you're lookin' to die
If you know me as Turkoise, you knew me in junior high
If you know me as Pervert, you didn't necessarily like me in junior high
If you know me as Knarf, you were a member of the 4 Horsemen in high school
If you know me as DJ Knarf, you're my buddy Dan from high school
If you know me as Lord of the Stage, you worked for me in high school
If you know me as Deja, you wondered about me in high school
If you know me as 'the long-haired guy', you frequented the video store where I used to work in college
If you know me as Magic Fingers, you're an old Memphis BBS'er
If you know me as Vincent Thomas, you're an old Memphis BBS'er and we met in person
If you know me as 37 1/2, you're a member of the hidden fraternity, Psi Kappa Omega
If you know me as Wrong-Way, you're a member of my old band, the "Weekend Warriors"
If you know me as L8X DV8, I made fun of you in the old CoolChat '20-something' chatroom, and you didn't know it