March 19th, 2004


Friday Five, Because I'm Not Awake Enough For A Real Post

If you...

1. ...owned a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve?
- pizza, burgers, and beer...remember happy Days?  That'd be me.

2. ...owned a small store, what kind of merchandise would you sell?
- gaming stuff, probably

3. ...wrote a book, what genre would it be?
- horror

4. ...ran a school, what would you teach?
- common sense

5. ...recorded an album, what kind of music would be on it?
- blues rock
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The Mask (Laughing)


So, I got up to see Di off this morning, and went back to bed for an hour...this was apparently when I have my oddest dreams.

This one, I was at some kind of weekend getaway, or con, or something.  It was at a large hotel, and for some reason, I climbed around some high window ledges to get to a particular window.  Inside was Di, and I guess it was her birthday, since I ended up giving her a couple very large old Star Wars toys.  We proceeded to climb into bed and start to get it on, but we kept hearing voices that sounded like someone talking to Howard Stern.  From my viewpoint, though, I could see no one, so we figured they were out in the hallway,just passing.  Eventually, we shifted positions, and just as we got going again, the bathroom door opens, and sm101 walks out, followed by Howard Stern!  Di and I decided that the mood was gone now, and while we were cleaning up, I mentioned to Stern how sorry I was that we had made such a mess, as I didn't realize it was his room.  When he asked what he should do, I said he should sleep on the other bed.

Everyone else gets dreams involving good sex.  Me?  I get interrupted by my old boss having an affair with a shock jock.
Burn The World

OK, This Rocks

You guys have heard me rave about the animated feature Dream-Quest Of Unknown Kadath.  As it turns out, the guy behind the group that made it all possible, Edward Martin III and Guerilla Productions, is based right here in the Portland area...

...and guess who's helping him shoot his new film short tonight?  Awwwww, yeah.
Burn The World

Too Much Fun

OK, I'm back home from my foray into guerrilla film-making...and what a foray it was.  Main interesting point is that I was a little mistaken in my "help".  I wasn't helping make the film...I was the film.  Yep, the whole short had one 

But I'm not a frog, and none of you are bunnies, so let's not jump ahead of ourselves.  Due to locations, we decided to meet up downtown, first, and travel from there to the shooting location.  Got there, and parking was a freakin' bitch (as it is in most downtown areas), so I jumped out while Di looked for parking, since dude was supposedly waiting on me.  Get in and find him not there...turns out he was slightly delayed, too.  Eventually, though, we all hooked up, jumped in his car, and off we went.

Travelling to the hospital where we were shooting, we were clued in to a rather important point of tonight's filming: we didn't technically have permission to be shooting where we were (very Cecil B. Demented, no?).  He has a friend in Surgery, who said we could get into an examination room for a while, as long as we didn't disturb anyone.  So in we sneak, equipment bags at the ready.  Got hold of his friend, and she showed us to the room.

Played with the lighting for a while, trying to get it right.  Little background, here: the film is shot from the point of view of a person, just waking up, and the shot is on me, the whole time.  I needed to be in silhouette/shadow most of the shot, so the lighting had to be right.  Finally, we realized that the light off of the computer monitor there would wok fine, and we started going.

Very informal, lots of fun.  We did about 13 takes (the film short is only a couple minutes long), changing little details as we went.  Now, I've done plenty of acting, but it's all been stage acting.  I haven't done any camera acting, so this was new for me.  It goes a long way towards explaining why I felt like I didn't do that good, but Edward seemed to like it, so I'm happy with it.

All in all, I needed that.  Way fun, had a great time (and was nice to get out of the house).  Hopefully, I might get to work with him again, some day.
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