March 25th, 2004


What The...?

The present sound scheme on my computer is all sound clips from the old "Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate" game, all various things that the warriors of Chaos said.  As you can probably imagine, this means that, when a sound event occurs, it tends to be a deep, scary, demonic sounding voice.  So, when I leave the machine downloading overnight, and something happens, and I've forgotten to turn the volume down, and suddenly, as I'm laying in bed, about to fall asleep and I hear a loud voice from the Pits of Hell come from the front room...

...well, it was a bit of a shock.  ;)

Back to bed, now.

Shout Outs

Buncha Birthdays today...Many Happy returns go out to the cryptic neoatmus, The wild and sexy pornrockangel, and the sarcastic, fantastic scarletdemon.  On top of all that, you guys share a birthday with The Queen Of Soul, Aretha Franklin, who turns 62 today...and who I want everyone to take a moment and send some positive vibes to, since she's presently in the hospital.

EDIT; Aretha's out of the hospital. Apparently, she had an allergic reaction to some antibiotics, and coughed up blood, but she's out and groovy now. Sing On, Aretha!
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Kiss My Ass

N Da Nooz

Things and stuff.  On the local front, just before Di and I went to bed, we noticed that there were multiple cop cars down the block.  Failing to see what the deal was, we went on to bed.  Come to find out, best we can piece together, a woman was dropping off an elderly women at an apartment complex. A man in a ski mask jumped onto the car and shot through the window killing the driver, a 27 year old woman. The police are looking for the x-boyfriend to ask him questions.

Damn, now I wish I'd walked down to check the scene.  And, no, I'm not in the least freaking out about it or the 'hood, or anything else.  Welcome to the planet, things happen.

From the opposite side of the coast, Georgians are in a tizzy over a story off the AP newswire.  Seems that the Georgia House is trying to ban genital piercings for women.  What started as a bill against female circumcision (yeah, that's such a problem here) apparently got a rider adding female genital piercing to it.  One senator,  amendment sponsor Rep. Bill Heath (R-Bremen), was reported as being "slack-jawed when told after the vote that some adults seek the piercings" and is quoted as saying "What? I've never seen such a thing.  I, uh, I wouldn't approve of anyone doing it. I don't think that's an appropriate thing to be doing."  So much for being a representative of the people, huh?

Now, as far as I can find, the bill didn't originally have this amendment, and thus will have to go back to vote (because of the addendum), and thus is not law yet...and I bet there's gonna be a serious outcry if it does.  You're talking about abridging the legal rights of consenting adults, now.  Regardless, the bill's listing shows no rider or amendment, but the website may be behind or something, sadly.  So, either someone got something very wrong over at AP, or Georgia is going a wee bit too far, and the law will get shot down anyway.

Who knows?  G'mornin', LJ!
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Definitely the oddest request I've gotten for an icon.  Gotta give a hug to scurvykat for hanging on so long for this one:

For the record, what she wanted was "Flying Cat Blender"...
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Mucho thanx to kespernorth for the link...


This is a very simple Angelfire page, but the layout is the only simple thing here.  The site is for a Russian lady named Elena, whose hobby it is to ride her cycle through the dead-zone around what's left of Chernobyl.  The broken English is a little hard on the brain sometimes, but it's well worth it for the photos.  These are not the slick pix of a professional photographer, shot to get just the right angle and emotion...these are just the snapshots of someone who is there to see.

Powerful photos, man.  Just really sets the whole thing home.  Funny to think it's been nearly 20 years since the Chernobyl atomic plant went belly-up.  If that had been America, the loss would probably have been greater...but I bet someone would have tried to get it cleaned up faster.  Looking over these pix, though...well, just check them out, they're beautiful.
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Tiger (*MROWR*)

All Grown Up

How many of you remember the 'Cosby Show'?  Don't worry, I didn't like it either.  But, ignoring that, remember the little one?  Rudy?  The annoying one with the Macauley-Culkin-Terminal-Cuteness-Syndrome and the smart mouth that would have gotten her slapped in any house other than that one?  Her name was Keshia Knight Pulliam...and she's all grown up.  Yummy...

I can't decide if it's pervy to be looking at these pix and being attracted, since the name association in my mind is something like 6 years old.  I think I'm gonna try and get that out of my head...