March 29th, 2004

Burn The World

Monday Morning Madness

Your dose of linkage for today...

First off, for those that haven't heard, NASA's X-43A Scramjet set a new air-speed record of Mach 7, doubling the previous record set by the SR-71 (Mach 3.3).  Now THAT'S fast.

In sadder news, Peter Ustinov died of heart failure.  He was 82.  A great loss to the entertainment industry, and to the world at large.

Need some image goodness?  Dig through Bizarre Magazine's 'Picture Of The Week' archive...sometimes not work safe, but always interesting.

Lastly, if you don't read Irregular Webcomic, you should, it's quite funny...and hey, you can get it on your LJ friends list by subscribing to irregular_comic, the RSS feed for it.
Smackdown (Anger)

On Goth Naming

I made a smart-ass remark in someone's journal recently about someone's over-gothed name.  The journal owner in question is a dear, close friend, but the person referred to is unknown to me (just for the record).  Now, while I've laughed and ridiculed this sort of thing in the past, I generally don't go out of my way to say anything...but this was over the top.

You know the names I'm talking about.  Every goth on the 'Net has their uber-scary name, and they all seem to realize that, whatever they come up with, it's not going to be original or interesting or really stand out in any way so as to be able to be recognized by it.  Face it, kids, 'raven', 'crow', 'wolf', 'midnight', 'spider', 'evil', 'poison', 'dark', 'doll', 'blood', 'winter', 'master/mistress/dominatrix', 'demon/devil/succubus/etc.', and any name from an Anne Rice novel...these are all boring, and have been seen a million times (as well as plenty of others like them).

So, what is the next step?  Spelling change!  Yes, apparently it makes a world of difference to change the letter "i" to a "y" (or for that matter, an "e").  There are plenty of these little changes: "o" becomes "au", "e" becomes "ae", "k" (or hard "c") becomes "ke" or "que".  these can work in reverse, too; yes, your "y" could be an "i", depending on your mood and make-up!

And there you have it.  A group of people all desperately trying to be different, and just ending up more and more alike...and ain't that just the way of the world?  Yeesh.  Now, I'm quite sure someone will pop in here and call me a hypocrite, since it's quite true I've been called"Chaos Blackflame" on the 'Net for years and years.  That is true.  however, I've never tried to make that into some kind of recognizable "name" for myself...and it's all spelled directly.  On top of that, that 'Net handle didn't come about until long AFTER I had left the goth scene behind.  So, whatever.

Oh, and the person I smarted off about?  A blonde, named "Mystryss Ravyn Darque".  Christ, I can disco and I'm still darker than that.
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Frank The Bunny (Countdown)

Hey, Listen Up

Just a quick shout-out to superfledermaus:

I'd have mailed you about your last entry, but I'm presently in a lot of pain.  So, short version is this: you're wrong. Take some time, calm down, and get some perspective.  As Archimedes' wife told him, "Go take a bath."

Call me if you need.
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