April 3rd, 2004


Shout Outs

A big Happy Birthday goes out to a couple of great people today...to ner0sputnik, fellow goofy guy and rockin' dude, and to 01flux, my partner in intellectual warfare and a sweetheart to boot.  Many Happy Returns, my friends!
Frank The Bunny (Countdown)


House cleaned, food about to be started, in-laws showing up anytime in the next hour...yay fun, eh?
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    The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets - KABLAM!

Oddest Spam In A While

Subject: Account Overdue Archmagechaos

Body: pig pen behind cashier teach insurance agent for.For example, cargo bay from indicates that earring near reach an understanding with apartment building inside.And boogie the dark side of her cloud formation.Still trade baseball cards with her from labyrinth for, confess her of gonad with cloud formation for.If ribbon related to boogie cream puff around, then over jersey cow takes a coffee break.dissidents remain .  Any asteroid can tr to seduce from diskette, but it takes a real marzipan to CEO related to mortician.When you see reactor near light bulb, it means that over gypsy panics.


Um, yeah...ok, whatever.  Spammer Dadaist Poetry, I suppose.