April 6th, 2004


On and On and On and On....

At least I dragged my ass out of bed at a better hour today...gotta get a couple things done, like starting some anime burns for duchess_webb and getting Splinter Cell 2 installed.

Hmmm...didn't give you my normal dose of Monday Morning Oddities, did I?  Well, let's fix that a day late:

~ Bob Dylan, huge as he is, has never done a product endorsement...until now.  Would you believe that he did a spot for Victoria's Secret?  Scary, really...which pretty much describes how he's looking these days.  See the commercial here.  I also recommend watching the "Really Bad Toupee" commercial staring Steven Seagal...frickin' funny stuff.
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Atlanta Bound? Check This Out

If you happen to be in Atlanta, or close by, April 17th, you should dig on this...

For those that don't know visioluxus's photography, she's got 6 pieces on display (that's Elisa Lazo De Valdez on the list).  So go.  Make me proud and make her smile and see a lot of kickass stuff.
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