April 9th, 2004


Sequel News on "Hellboy," "Tomb Raider"

People suffered through the "Tomb Raider" sequel hoping against hope that maybe this time, they got it right. Sadly, they didn't, and apparently won't have the chance to again.  "The second 'Tomb Raider' film didn't do the kind of business Paramount Pictures wanted from it so they shelved plans for any more sequels," producer Lawrence Gordon tells the Calgary Sun (mostly, this was due to the fact that it was a bad idea and sucked dead donkey dick). "We'd have liked to do a third, and I know Angelina [Jolie] was interested, but if there isn't an audience there won't be a movie." "Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life," which cost an estimated $90 million (little of which apparently went into the script), earned about $65 million domestically.

On the plus side, Gordon reveals there are "several more" installments planned for this weekend's Ron Perlman-a-rific box office champ "Hellboy." Not only that, but another beloved comic franchise is about to become a big screen reality. "We're going to do 'The Watchman,'" "Hellboy" co-producer Lloyd Levin tells Cindy Pearlman. "[I]t's really a unique story because it deals with the spiritual aspect of being a superhero."  Hopefully, they mean 'Watchmen', which could kick a lot of ass if done properly...not that I expect them to, but we can hope, right?
Burn The World

Friday, Etc.

As if it's any different for me than any other day.  Planning to see jahnji tomorrow to finish watching 'Shogun'.  Maybe we'll get lucky and delilahbowie will show up.

Was awakened at 8am by some idiot yelling at his girlfriend outside my window.  I dunno what she was saying, but his response was "Look, I don't have a job, I live with my brother, and I smoke pot...I just don't have the money!"  I'd say he pretty well defined his problem, right there.

I'm thinking I need to split the day between Splinter Cell 2 and the 'Blair Witch' movies.  Why not, I could use a laugh.

Is there anyone out there that knows this band other than me?
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Houston Promoting Stupidity

Houston City schools are dropping a policy that required city high school students to pass such core courses as English and math before they moved to the next grade.  Apparently, they say this doresn't mean they don't have to pass the class eventually, just that they don't get held back.

Jeezus fuckin' Christ, man...what the fuck?  You have requirements for making the grade, if you don't accomplish those requiremants, then you don't pass the grade.  period.  Not here, though, I guess.  Stupid fuckin' idiots....they don't want kids feeling "discouraged".  And, of course, the 'real world' is gonna baby them just like this when they get out into the work force...</sarcasm>

Please, someone, somewhere, get a freakin' brain cell.