April 14th, 2004

Do Us A Favor...

Hellfire and Damnation

Well, Hell...whatta way to start the morning.  Fire up the machine this morning, and discover that my new speakers are suddenly not functioning.

Great, Yogi.

EDIT: Well, some luck is with me. Turns out it's just the power supply that burned out, and it also turns out that my scanner's power adapter is the same kind as the speakers had...so I'm sounded again.
Worship Chaos

Aethereal Shout Outs

Sending birthday greetings out to urban_bard, who has the distinction of being the person who turned me on to LJ in the beginning.  She was a different LJ then, and changed to this one back in '01...and then never updated again.  Since then, I haven't heard from her, seen her online, gotten e-mail, or any contact at all. 

Apryl, if you're out there, somewhere...I haven't forgotten you, my friend.  Whatever is happening, may it be beautiful and perfect, and you have my deepest and most sincere wishes for your continued happiness.  Happy birthday and Many Happy Returns...
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Game Talk

Just as an aside to my fellow game nuts: If you want a REALLY pretty, high adrenaline, mindless killing spree kind of game, check out Painkiller.  Just released on PC, soon to be out for Xbox.

Storyline is a bit shoddy and makes little sense...but it's too damn pretty, buttloads of combat, plenty gory, and has the coolest initial weapon I've ever seen in a first-person shooter: heaps o'constant damage and no ammo necessary!  Quake's axe and UT's Enforcer have NOTHING on this thing...

Off to slaughter more of the hordes of the dead...

Painkiller Screenshots

I had a couple people asking about the game, so I figured I'd snag a few screenshots from places I'd already been...they've been resized fairly small so as not to take too much time downloading, but this means the pix really don't do it justice (in fact, looking at them now, I should have lightened them a litle...oh well). The actual game looks 10 times better...

See For Yourself

It Called To Me...

Normally, I think these things are dumb. At least in the "What ____ Are you?" quizzes, you can make some choices that supposedly have something to do with the outcomes. But these dopey ones from Memegen and QuikKwiz, just entering your name and age and getting some response...well, that seems pretty damn stupid.

So, why did I actually do this one? I don't know. I saw it, "Which Random Image Are You?", on gothkittyn's journal, and thought it oddly appropriate that it came up with a pic of Sandman from the Endless, knowing what a fan of them she is. So, bored, I slapped my name in it...

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