April 19th, 2004



Strange dreams last night.

Can't recall all of it, but I do remember that I was in a car with Di and a couple othr people, and one of the others was driving. We were headed to an ICP show, and whoever was driving wasn't very good, and i was worried they were gonna fuck up Di's car. Finally, we get to this mall, where the show is gonna be, and there are lots of oher people, for various reasons. The show wasn't due to start for something like another 5 hours. I grabbed my bag and went searching for a bathroom, and finally found 3 men's rooms, one for English, one for Italian, and one I can't remember. I went into the Italian one to see how it was different, but I couldn't seem to find any reason for it being referred to that way. I remember putting my bag on a bookshelf, and standing at a urinal taking a leak, but there were these coat hooks all long the walls, even right here, and I almost poked my eye on one. Stepping back (after finishing), I noticed each hook had a thin chain and a padlock, apparently so that you could lock up anything you hung up on the hook. Went wandering, and finally went back for my bag. Working my way back to my friends, who should be standing there but my ex-friend Alice (if you don't know who I mean, just accept, for now, that thias used to be a very cloe friend of mine before she suddenly turned on me). I actually considered shoving her out ofmy way, but decided I didn't want to even touch her, so I just ducked around her and ignored her, vaguely hearuing her make some comment to those around me.

And then woke up.

For some reason, just now jumping into my mind is a snippet of dream i had forever and a day ago, and the more I think about it, the more i remember. But I don't feel like trying to type it out.