April 23rd, 2004



Just as a side note: Melissa Auf Der Maur has done a solo album. For those unfamiliar with the name, she played bass for Hole, and later Smashing Pumpkins.

Got to give the entire album a listen last night, and I have to say, I'm impressed. Very well done, pretty tight, good stuff. All in all, I give it a big thumbs up. When you get a chance, pick it up...well worth it.

Release dates: International: February 2nd - United Kingdom: March 1st - United States: June 1st -- why the Hell is the US having to wait so long for this? Luckily, I have friends all over the world...;)

Fun With Corporate Types

zombiedip mails me out of the blue today with an odd request. Sending me a picture of the president of her company, she asks if I can put long hair and an earring on him, and maybe a tattoo. Well, that was something I HAD to try...

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Dark Lotus

Gotta send much thanx out to theatresphynx, for getting me a copy of Dark Lotus's new album, 'Black Rain'. Needless to say, it kicks ass. Speaking of the boyz, I went ahead and snagged a ticket to see them live, May 20th. Promises to be a hella cool show...anyone else going? Wanna hook up for the night? I normally hate going to shows alone...though I'll make an exception this time.