May 6th, 2004

Do Us A Favor...

One Final Rant Before The Night Is Through

I've had this minor problem with my machine, since I got it. For some reason, my DVD writer didn't want to recognize blank DVDs. Blank CDs, sure, no sweat, burn them all the time, but blank DVDs? No dice. Finally, I got fed up with it all, and called HP's Tech Support.

Now, I used to do that sort of thing for a living, and, let me tell ya, it's no picnic. I try, therefore, to be as pleasant and understanding as I can, because I know those guys work their asses off. You will note that it is now a quarter to midnight, Pacific Time, so I would doubt that the queue would be all that bad. Yeah, sure, Frank, has it been that long since you did this job? 30 minutes later, I'm connected to some guy in India that I can barely understand, and who can barely understand me.

I've been majorly fed up with this whole trend towards outsourcing customer service call centers to India and neighboring environs. I got to deal with it quasi-firsthand when Earthlink shut down its call center in Seattle. I was long gone, but I had a lot of friends who were suddenly jobless, in a time when our economy was in the fuckin' toilet. Hell, some of them are still struggling, almost two years later...and meanwhile, that 'award-winning service' has gone down the tubes. Yes, it may be cheaper for the company, but it's something akin to pulling teeth trying to get anything done, Hell, I had to spell my NAME three times to this guy. On and on we went, just trying to get basic customer information in the record (which, frankly, he ought to have, since he got my serial number and system number, and that is all on my record with HP from the day i bought the machine from them).

He finally gets to my problem. Well, at least THAT was an easy fix. As it turns out, I never really realized that DVD-R and DVD+R are not only different formats, but that they are mutually exclusive, and that your hardware wil generally only read one of them. Too bad they neglected to tell me this, and neglected to tell me which one I can use...which, as it turns out, is the one I DON'T have. So, trying to make the best of a bad situation, I ask him to give me some information on the difference between the two.

Yep, you guessed it. He don't know shit. He finally put me on hold to go and try and get the info, and after another 5 minutes, i got tired of waiting, opened a broswer windoow, and Googled the answer. Apparently, they don't have internet access in Bangladesh. I hung up on his useless ass.

So, polarbear, what kind of blank DVDs does your machine use? I've got 5 blank DVD-Rs, sitting here, completely useless to me, and I'd hate to see them completely go to waste.
Frank The Bunny (Countdown)

May 6th

In two separate incidents on this day in 1993, two postal guys went, well...postal. Disgruntled postal worker Mark Richard Hilburn (recently fired) entered the Dana Point, CA post office and shot two former coworkers, killing one, and disgruntled 27-year veteran Lawrence Jasion entered the garage area of the Dearborn, Michigan post office and whipped out a .38 revolver. He proceeded to kill mechanic Gary Montes and wound two other coworkers. Before anyone could react, Jasion then blew his brains out.

Oh, and it's the anniversary of the Hindenburg explosion. Fun times, eh?
Worship Chaos

Cool Friends

I had to share this. ibdreamy came to pick up her computer today (by the by, _mauler_ you were right, the damn LAN adaptor was disabled in the BIOS, but without the supervisor password, I was unable to enable it...oh well, no worries). She walks in, and her daughter is with her, carrying this cake. I was occupied with the machine, so I just had her set it down, and let ibdreamy know what I had done and what she would need to do with the machine.

Come to find out, the cake was a thank-you for me! And, to make it even cooler, she and her daughter had written "Thanx Archmage" on it and added some cool is that! Now, she lamented her lack of cake-decorating skizznils, but who cares, that was just a really rockin' thing to do, and it meant a lot.

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