May 9th, 2004



So, it's officially Mother's Day. First off, if you are a Mommy, enjoy the day. Sad that we have to set a day aside to pay homage to the moms among us, but that's humanity for you.

I may sound a bit cynical here, but then, I don't really think much of my own mother. Sounds hypocritical after the opening statement, doesn't it? And maybe it is. But then, I don't really care whose genitalia works. Just because you can fuck and give birth means very little to me. 'Mom' is the female that raises you, teaches you, protects and nutures you...and that might be someone very different from the woman who squeezed you out.

For instance, one of my friends will refer to 'Mother' when we talk, but I know that the person in question is his biological grandmother...she is the one that raised him. I know others who are in contact with both their mother and their step-mother...but for whatever reason, 'Mom' is the step-mother.

So, today, don't just pay lip service to the woman whose crotch you crawled out of. Tell the woman who helped make you who you are that you appreciate her efforts.
Burn The World

Fuck You, Hacker

Been dealing with a hacker all flippin' evening. Between 6:50 PM and 2 AM, this jackass has hit me with no less than 50 'fragment' attacks, all logged in my firewall's activity. Someone in Adelaide, Australia. His ISP is now aware of LOTS of information pertaining to him, and he's hit me enough to make it really easy to completely block his sorry ass, now.

What makes these little script-kiddies do this shit? All I have to say is that it's a damn good thing I'm not as vicious as I could be.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that a good firewall isn't worth having.

Death To All Who Oppose Us

I think RockStar Games may have crossed the line, this time. Have you seen the game Manhunt yet? Short version: you are a convicted murderer, not a nice guy at all. You are sentenced to death, and as far as you knew, that was it. Someone paid to keep you alive, though, and sends you into the streets, filming you for snuff movies. So, your job? Walk around, stalk up on people, and murder in as vicious and cruel a way as you can.

Yep. That's it. Stalk, murder, move along. In the first level, I've only had access to plastic bags (for asphyxiation) and glass shards (stabby-stabby), but there will be others.

New Zealand has already banned the game. Other places are setting it to be sold only to 18 and up. And I can see why...this game is pure cruelty and brutality. Almost no story to even vaguely justify the violence (at least the GTA games had a storyline, and the killing was only part of the game). This is borderline I said, I think they may have crossed the line.

*wild applause* Man, am I glad someone had the balls to do it.