May 13th, 2004

Veritas / Aequitas


At long last, the downlaod I've been running for around a week has finally finished. I'm now the very happy owner of all of Do As Infinity's music videos. To this day, I cannot explain why I'm so hooked on this J-Pop band, but so be it. Now I've got all their albums and all their I suppose that makes me a fanboy. I can live with that.

So I sit down to start watching them. I'm especially looking forward to the one for the song 'Raven', whch was the first somg I ever heard by them, and the one that hooked me (and still my fave of theirs). Imagine my happiness when I finally see it, and it's got scenes and clips from "Uzumaki", my favourite Japanese horror flick, all through the vid. Man, what were the odds of that?