May 28th, 2004


More Iconic Wackiness

Well, since so many others are using this new little Anime Icon Maker thingy, I figured I'd play with it a tad. You can see the results in my icon, obviously.

Seems to run a bit slow (no surprise), and i wish it had some way to get a bit of a real preview other than the finished's hard to visualize the various parts sometimes. Still, cute, i guess. Certainly the first non-animated icon I've had in forever.
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    Apocalyptica - Harvester of Sorrow
Cry Blood (Hurt)

Back To The Docs

Well, the one thing we're still worried about is that this shit affects her eye...and now it's starting to burn. Back to ER...*sigh*

Well, joy. Good news is that they think the blurry/double vision and burning is probably just a result of the swelling, and that the eye still looks OK. Bad news is they gave her ANOTHER prescription, this one an antiviral, which set us back a pretty penny.

Did I say we were flat broke before? We're now officially fucked...that was nearly $50 worth of food money for the month that just disappeared. Christ...

Pussy Farts

This shouldn't be as funny as it is, and I can't really explain WHY i think it is...but I can barely breathe at the moment from laughter.

And yes, other than the title, it's work safe.

Pussy Farts