June 4th, 2004

Cry Blood (Hurt)

Rotten Mood

OK, I tried not to admit it, but I'm sick. Fuck, I hate this.

So, waking up was no picnic. But that's pretty much par for the course, so we'll move on from there. Spent most of the day thus far sneezing my head off, or suffering from the plugged sinuses...no reason to think that's gonna change.

Housing inspectors came to our ocmplex today. Since I'm on the front end, they started with me. This meant 2 hours of guys walking in and out of my house, never quite shuttting the door, and me having to constantly stop what i wa doing to keep my cats from getting out.

Then they came back again, to get to the crawlspace, the entrance to which is in my closet floor (which I hadn't known previously). This meant dragging stuff out of the closet (including a chest of drawers), so they could get in. I went in to look after I thought they'sd gone, to find they'd left it open, getting insulation all over my carpet, so I figured they were coming back. Suddenly, I realized i bette make sure the cats don't get down there under the house. As it turns out, I was too late, Sappho had already gone exploring, and the guy that was still down there (surprise!) couldn't get her back out. So, after all was said and done, I had to leave this all in disarray, hoping she'd eventually come out (no way was i squeezing my fat ass under there), which she did.

Add to that, the first tile ad of my new contract was today...*sigh* Nothing's ever easy. I'd love to vent about it, but, really, what difference would it make? It's petty, small, stupid shit anyway, and I should probably just shut up about it.

Di will be home early, since she has her follow-up appointment with the eye doc this afternoon, and looks like I'll be driving her. Hopefully, if strangewink is still coming over, he won't show up while I'm gone. I'd better leave him a note.

I'd kill for a smoke and a soda right now.
Dark Baby

Best Laid Plans

Well, bad communication and financial unfortunateness led to no Bill this evening, but I'm-a do everything I can to get down to his place tomorrow, so no worries, eh? Just means I'm kicked back, watching "Tesla: Master Of Lightning" with the remains of a bottle of tequila I'd almost forgotten about.

Booze and mad scientists: what more could you ask for, really? Well, OK, pussy, but hey, 2 outta three ain't bad for now, and frankly, with the way I feel, I'm not sure how well I'd 'perform' anyway. ;)