June 15th, 2004

Dark Baby

Shout Outs and Workin'

First and foremost, I gotta shout out a big Happy Birthday to my spirit-brother and fellow Southern Boy, dravengodvamp, who hits the big 3-0 today. Dammit, if I was around, we'd be partying like nobody's business...guess we'll just have to save that for when we see each other again, eh? Love ya, m'man.

Well, got up at the ass-crack of dawn, took Di to work and Erik to school, and then headed out to the in-laws' place...yep, another day of wood-chopping. Not too bad, though, just two loads, so finally I have returned, after stopping off at Di's office to say "HI".

My back and shoulders will probably wait until tomorrow to hate me. Luckily, the only plans for tomorrow are to hang out with thisismostlyme, and teach her how to rip and burn CDs. Hope the day is treating all of ya fairly!
The Mask (Laughing)

It's Humour Tonight at Chez Chaos!

Religious Golf
A man walks into the church and sits in the confession booth. He says to the priest, “Father I have sinned, I was golfing yesterday and I cursed.”

The priest replied, “Well would you like to tell me about it?”

“Well I was on the seventh hole and I had just hit my best drive of the day. It was straight ahead, middle of the fairway, and a long, long way out there. So feeling pretty good about myself I walked to wards my ball, but as I got within 30 feet of it, a squirrel ran out of the forest and grabbed my ball.”

The priest interrupted, “OOOhhh I see, that's when you cursed…”

The man replied, “Oh no Father, I did not curse then, but as the squirrel was running away, it reached the edge of the fairway and was quickly caught by a hawk, which promptly flew way up high into the air.”

Once again the priest interrupted, “That must have been when you cursed then…”

But the man continued, “No Father, the hawk started flying away and I followed it because it flew in the direction of the green. As it passed over the green, it dropped the squirrel out of its talons, causing the squirrel to drop my ball about 3 feet from the pin…

The priest interrupts one more time, “Oh, don’t tell me you missed the fucking putt!”
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Cry Blood (Hurt)


I hurt.

Physically, I'm just in pain from the strain of the day. I've decided that the world is just NOT made for tall people. I don't mean there are inconveniences, I mean it's just never considered that people might actually be over 6 feet tall. Seems like everything I encounter is just a wee bit too low. See, if it were MUCH too low, then I could pull up a chair or something...but it's just a LITTLE too low, so you have to get this slight hunch-over to deal with it, and the strain on the lower back is bad. Add in my normal lower-back problems, and it all basically sucks.

Unrelated to the lower back, I somehow managed to strain a muscle in my forearm. the one in particular is the one for closing the hand,making a fist...i.e. grip strength. Just trying to squeeze shampoo out of the bottle was a painful chore, and since we're talking my right (dominant) hand, it REALLY sucks. The only amusement was when I mentioned this to Di, and said "good thing I don't jerk off with that hand, huh?" and laughed. She seemed surprised, and then fell apart laughing when I said "Yeah, gotta use the left...the right hand is on the mouse buttons; internet porn, you know."

Spiritually, I was reminded again just how much I miss gaming, and just how much I miss having friends around, like-minded friends who share the same attitudes, likes, dislikes, and viewpoints as I. Friends that I feel I'm actually very close to, friends that I see and be around, the kind of friends I could unhesitatingly state that I'd take a bullet for...and who I honestly believe might do the same for me.

There's more...but there's only so much I feel like saying. Besides, typing hurts at the moment.