June 28th, 2004

Smackdown (Anger)

Cats Be Useless

Well, the continuing saga of the World's Stupidest Cats continues. Socrates, for some reason, recently decided to take a dump, right by my desk. This was bad enough, but he's starting to do it every night...and yesterday, with me sitting right here, he calmly walked over, under my chair, and just shat away. I swear, I could have killed him! This led to Di getting a little upset, worried that I'd snap and finally kick the furry bastard out, but I calmed her down and assured her that I wasn't going there, but that I was going to discipline him and teach him that this was ungroovy.

Little fucker...I wouldn't be quite this mad about it, but this desk is where I spend 90% of my time. this is where I work, this is where I relax, this is where I escape to...this is, in a very real sense, my world. I don't feel like my world smelling like catshit, just because some moronic feline is too lazy to go to his catbox.
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Dark Baby


I'm feeling completely uncreative today. For that matter, I'm feeling fairly un- a lot of things. Humph.

100 Best Movie Songs

The American Film Institute just gave their list of the 100 best film songs. Nice to see was that the list was not just songs written for a specific film, but any song that was integral to the movie. Also nice to see that they really seemed to put some thought into the list...I was mostly proud to see that "Springtime For Hitler" made the list, s well as Peter Boyle's rendition of "Puttin' On The Ritz" from 'Young Frankenstein'. And, dear to my heart, 'Casablanca' slipped in at #2 with "As Time Goes By" (losing the top slot to "Over The Rainbow").

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Burn The World

I Want Out

Yet another reason I want out of this country...I mentioned a while back about how Melissa Auf Der Mar's album was being released at different times in different areas of the world, Asia, Europe a month later, and USA like 2, 3 months after that. Just found out that The Prodigy are finally about to release their new album, "Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned", worldwide on August 24th...except USA, where it's scheduled for release on September 14th.

It's not fuckin' fair, dammit. Yes, I know, I'll have the damn thing pirated long before, anyway, so why bitch about it...but it's just not right.

Random Weirdness

~ OK, it was sad enough when RealDoll proved that way too many people have way too many problems relating to actual women. Now, they've decided to tap into a market that is the next logical step: the huge-boobied, doe-eyed, fuschia-haired anime chick. *sigh* It'll probably sell like hotcakes. Oh, in case you're a complete idiot, that link isn't exactly work safe.

~ The U.S. Airguitar Championship - how have I missed this? Wow, have we found a sport that this long-haired, scruffy ex-rocker can rule? Frankly, from looking at the video on the main page of the New York regional champion, MiRi "Sonyk-Rok" Park, I could air-shred circles around her...but I'd lose to the panty-flashing schoolgirl outfit in the end.
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Need some names for a quickie project I'm tossing together:

Gimme the names of the biggest badasses you can think of.
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Burn The World


Lemme tell ya something about someone.

annathema667, known in the really real world as TC, is one of the coolest ladies I know. I mean, beyond the fact that she's just hella cool, and has the most gorgeous hair, and is seriously easy on the eyes, she's a complete sweetheart and a good friend. She's been there for me more than a few times. She creative and ass-kickin', and a rock star like none you've ever seen. I've rocked out to the few tracks that made it to the public from her former band, Anna Thema, and even further back when she was with Triggerpimp...and I look forward to getting the CD she just released as TCR, with Agent Moulder (of Jack Off Jill fame).

Now, I said that about being a sweetheart, but, at the same time, she can be a cold-hearted bitch, when she wants to, and I mean that in the best possible way...believe me, I'd never want her to change. And I wanted to have her officially recognized for it. So, dear TC, this is for you.

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