July 4th, 2004

Cry Blood (Hurt)

Fuckin' Brain

Sometimes I wish I was back on drugs. I slept so well on drugs, and I didn't have these long, detailed nightmares. If you've never dealt with it, lemme tell ya, you just haven't died and gone to Hell until you've dealt with nightmares so real, so specific, and so intense that after you wake up, and you fully acknowledge you are awake, you're still feeling the effects for the first hour you're up. Now, repeat this approximately every other night.

Well, the rest of the day should make up for it.
Worship Chaos


Well, me and my cynical government-bashing are gonna get a shower and prep to get the Hell out of this town for the day, go see some friends. Funny, when I first typed "4th" up there, I had the caps key down, and typed "$th"...awfully appropriate, in my opinion.

Too bad more people don't reflect on exactly what this celebration is supposed to mean. All this blind patriotism is reprehensible; it's pure zombie following. Know what you are supporting. Of course, the ones who are simply in it for the fireworks are worse.

Lemme tell you something else...before anyone jumps down my throat about this. I've spent all my life dealing with the Declaration of Independence, whose signing (approximately) on the 4th of July, 1776 brought this country into being, by justifying our break with England, setting forth the "self-evident truths" that showed why our grievances with the King weren't just a bunch of whiny landowners who didn't want to pay their taxes. My ancestor, John Witherspoon, signed that very document; my bloodline helped make this place. I've had the honour of being a part of the ceremonial ringing of the Liberty Bell. So, if I want to be disgusted with what the country has become, I have the right to do so.

Guess what? You have that right, too. Try exercising it sometime, instead of watching whatever bland crap the TV is spoon-feeding you.

Now, have a good 4th. Just take a minute while you're doing it, and remember WHY you are doing it.

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