July 5th, 2004


"It's Not My Fault Your World Orbits A Ball OfFire!"

Spent the day outside, yesterday. yes, the whole day...outside. Me. Man, that was odd.

I could go on about the day, but really, there's not much to tell. Hung out all day with tsomewhereime's family and friends, and had a great time. Good people, lots of laughs. Was also fabulous to see fairie_lark and fizgigg for the first time in a couple years or more. Got too much sun, but I can handle that. Saw a good fireworks show. Demolished late-night cheese fries at Denny's. Actually had a smoke on the way home. Got back here around 2am and crashed hard.

Sad to say I'm missing meeting up with keesor, who's in town for a couple hours. Damn, I miss that guy...gotta get him down here for some longer time soon. Now, must get my act together, get some Gatorade (muy dehydrated), and go get Erik.
Worship Chaos


I'm fatigued, and itchy, and hot. Di's asleep. I'm bored, and I think there's a bit of grumpy comin' on.

On the good side, though, it's been a day for the ladies. Helped theatresphynx get her new domain up and running, and got to chat with dyvinedeviance and catch up with her life. Also spent a while chatting with reddelicious, which always makes me smile.
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Icon -- Hellboy

Can't believe I've neglected to make myself a Spider Jerusalem icon thus far. Well, that's easily fixed.

Finally saw Hellboy tonight. Ignoring a couple glaring changes Hollywood felt it was necessary to make, it was damn good. You'll still get a heavy sigh outta me about the fact that the sequel is already underway...but that's a dead horse I'm just not in the mood to beat right now.