July 7th, 2004


Danzig Gets Beat Down

Tuba City, Arizona, July 3...Danzig Eats Floor.

Seems Glenn Danzig let his 'asshole' side get the better of him. I'm still trying to get the whole story, but the video really says all that needs to be said. Backstage at some show, Danzig is talking to Danny Marianinho of the North Side Kings. Seems there's a bit of a dispute over stage time. The important part of the dialogue goes something like this:
Danzig: Why can't you go on after us?
Danny: Because your crew is tearing down the lights and sound. We just drove 6 hours to play here.
...at which point, Danzig decides to shove Danny (who is a pretty good-sized guy). Danny is knocked back, and reacts as any large punk-band man would: he comes forward, fist first, and puts Danzig on the floor. Knocks him right the fuck down.

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Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis

Gotta give a big "thankee sai" to my newest bro', guyhodges, since it was through him that I found this bit o' doggerel.

Now, I'm almost sorry to say that you conservative types with no sense of humour are probably not gonna like this. Of course, those types probably aren't reading this, so fuck 'em.

Eric Schwartz - Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis

Always nice to find other people out there, fighting the good fight, and helping get the word out that this is not a Christian country, but a place of religious freedom, where our laws shouldn't be based off a book that we don't all believe in. "I don't tell you how to pray, so don't tell me how to screw!"

Late Night Funnies

How many insanities can you spot? - For the record, let's see: wardriving, public nudity, kiddie porn, wrong way down a one way street, not paying attention while driving...man, all this guy needs is an open liquor container to pretty much shoot the moon.

Mario music on the piano...blindfolded. - Admittedly, only the first part is actually done while blindfolded, but man, this guy is scary-impressive. Worth watching the entire 10-minute video...Hell, MY fingers hurt after watching.

Winnebago Man - This guy is filming some industrial film for Winnebago, and this little bit of film is just all his foul-mouthed outtakes. Not to be cranked up at work, but freakin' hilarious.