July 8th, 2004

MythOs - They're Blasphemously Delicious

Everyday Is Interesting

Not much substance lately, I know. That's mostly because there's not much happening.

Main thing in my mind at the moment is dravengodvamp and purpleflake. As I said recently, they just became the parents of a baby girl, and apparently she's been seizuring pretty badly, so they've been spending a lot of his time at the children's hospital. No idea what's causing it. Talked to Draven again this morning, and it looks like they may have stabilized her, by pumping up her calcium levels. They've done one spinal tap and are doing another, so hopefully we'll have some answers soon.

Ended up scrapping the original plans for a bit of work I'm doing, and going in a totally new direction, which is good, because the original design wasn't working out at all. Always nice to work for/with someone who has artistic leanings as well...makes it so much easier...

Finished "The Suffering" yesterday...damn, that kicked ass. End was a little easy, but the game was excellent overall. Sorry to see that one end. If I can get it working, I'm hoping to start "Uru: Ages Beyond Myst" today. Had some problems with it last night, but I dunno if that was the main game or the two expansions I tried adding to it.

Assuming all goes according to plan, I'll be hanging out with leshrac and his girl tonight, which should be good. Booze and Lovecraftian movies...always enjoyable.
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Read A Book, Dammit!

Sad but true...a new survey to be released today by the National Endowment for the Arts shows a marked drop in book consumption by Americans and a particular decline in the reading of fiction, poetry and drama. Conducted by the Census Bureau in 2002, It shows, among its findings, that fewer than half of Americans over 18 now read novels, short stories, plays or poetry; that the consumer pool for books of all kinds has diminished; and that the pace at which the nation is losing readers, especially young readers, is quickening. Apparently, this is across all demographics.

Less than half read a book in the last year. Jee. Zuss. Christ.

I never thought it was so spectacular that I read as much as I do. Maybe more than average, but not amazing. Suddenly, I'm not so sure.

More Reasons To Be A Paid Member

It used to be that paid members were on designated "faster" servers. However, due to the loads and how they were handled, this wasn't always such a wonderful advantage...

...well, that's just changed. Now, if you're logged in as a paid user, you "cut in line" of other web requests that have been received but not yet generated a response. Basically, the load balancer retrieves all incoming web requests immediately after your browser sends them, then sorts those requests into two lines: free users and paid users. Whenever a real server (not the load balancer) is ready to do more work, it always fulfils a request from the paid user line, and only does free user requests once no paid users are waiting. Deeper explanations can be found here.

Membership has it's privileges, eh?