July 13th, 2004


Camp Jam

Man, where was this when I was a kid? OK, dig this. Jeff Carlisi, former guitarist arena rock band 38 Special, has started a week-long summer-camp dealie called 'Camp Jam', in Atlanta. This isn't a 'lake/arts and crafts/campfire' kinda camp...here, you learn to rock.

Now, normally, I'd be right there in the middle of that line of screaming rock fanatics, yelling that you can't be taught how to be punk, you have to live it and be it (something a lot of these more modern "punk" bands don't seem to get), but I look at the average kid of today, and I look at this pussified whiny-ass world, where every move is a lawsuit waiting to happen, and the kids spend their time with Yu-Gi-Oh and Harry Potter, and whatnot...and I'm all for teaching them to rock out.

And teach them he does. The kids are grouped into bands, and those bands are given songs to learn, and then they are taught how to NOT be perfect...a problem they seem to have. Part of the entrance requirement is that the child has at least 6 months experience playing or singing in a "semi-structured' environment. This means they know what they are doing, and as you can imagine, they've been taught to do it right...now, they have to learn how not to sound too clean, and how to be a badass on stage.

Read the story here: Smash the Guitar for Mommy
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Doncha just love it when you know you know something, but can't find it, and no one else seems to know what you are talking about...and then, finally, you discover you were right all along, and thus not crazy?

I suppose that's a tad cryptic, isn't it?

OK, every time I hear the Chemical Brothers track "Hey Boy, Hey Girl", I've been certain that I knew those lyrics from somewhere...but whenever I brought the subject up, no one could remember any song previous to it. Today, I finally remembered the source: Rockmaster Scott and the Dynamic Three's "The Roof Is On Fire"...how the Hell could I have forgotten that?!?

Now, just need to find a good copy of the song...