July 31st, 2004


Hmmm...A Little Misanthropic Today, It Seems

Showed Dianna Neverwhere recently.  It's surprising that I'd like this, as I'm such a non-fan of Neil Gaiman, but, surprisingly, it's pretty good.  Also surprisingly, she really liked it.  OK, maybe it's not that shocking.
Sometimes, I can be a real asshole.  No, this isn't related to the above, this is separate.  Actually, it's not that I'm so bad, it's that your average human cannot take brutal honesty.  See, I'm the kinda guy, you ask my opinion, or you give me the chance to express it, and I'm gonna give it to you.  When I do, you aren't gonna get sugarcoating or niceties; I'll give it to you straight up, no chaser.  And you just might hate to hear it...though, 99% of the time, I'm right, and you'll come to see that.

Yes, that's an arrogant thing to say, but it's true.  And it's not that I'm so smart that I know everything, it's that I'm not distracted by emotion and bias, so I boil things down to the basics and go from there.  And most people can't handle that.  Humans feel safe inside their little shells, back behind those filters that they have erected like walls to clean the dirty Truth so that, by the time they face it, it's some pretty Pollyanna version of the world...and then they are shocked when things fall apart.

So, just a warning.  Don't ask me for my opinion or advice if you don't want that truth shoved in your face.  You wanna hear what you wanna hear, you go somewhere else, there ain't no sugar here, kid.  Just raw, unvarnished Truth, sold by the pound.
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Sometimes...sometimes, someone comes out of the corner of your eye and *WHAM* smacks you upside the head and tells you, in whatever tone of voice they choose, that you're playing the fool, and you need to open your eyes and see that which you hath wrought.

Funny...I am so big on communication, and not clouding judgements with emotion and foolishness...but there are still some things that I DON'T see.  The biggest thing that I seem to always overlook is the effect I have on people.  I know, this is foolish, it's something I SHOULD see, but somehow, I miss it, frequently.  The really funny part of that is this is exactly the thing I WANT to see and know...and yet, for whatever reason, it escapes me.

That person, that wild-eyed lost child that wallops you with the big ol' Perspective Stick...now, THAT'S a friend to cherish.

Thanks, Barbara.  Consider me back in the fight.