September 12th, 2004

Frank The Bunny (Countdown)


No matter how useless the item, it's always a little weird to get rid of some things. For instance, looking through my desk today, I pulled out my notebook. This is a leather-bound notebook that zips closed which I was given when I worked at Xerox. It used to have my name on it, but that has worn off over the years. For a long time, when I was naively actually trying to get a job doing graphic work, I used it as a portfolio of some of my work.

Looking back through it, that work sucked. Even if there has ever BEEN a chance at my getting a job like that, showing off this portfolio would have cost me the job anyway. It was all stuff from the earliest days of my hobby, basic little shit that just about anyone could do. Just hurts me to look at, now. So, out it all came, and got put in File 13.

Felt weird to toss that work...but felt even worse to keep it.