September 20th, 2004



I haven't mentioned lately how much I hate certain clients, have I? I know you're tired of reading it...

...but, fuckin' hell, it's like this brain-dead idiot has no fucking clue. That's probably because she doesn't; that just leads me to wondering how this bitch got her job, and THAT leads me to bitch and moan about how some loony whore like that can get a job and I can't.

And that just colours my whole morning badly. Fuck.

Back to work, and figuring out how to try and fit a 25 character business name across 120 pixels, and still leave it readable. How sad is it that I work at home, and only sporadically for a day or two at a time, and I STILL feel like I need a vacation?

EDIT: Sometimes, I even impress myself. Clean, readable, animated even better than they expect and than I thought I could get away with...and STILL under 12kb. Fuckin' client will probably have some problem with it, you watch. I'd love to show it off, but, you know how business is, can't do it. However, if you are bopping through the AOL Yellow Pages, you'll probably see my stuff...*shudder*. Stil, their money is as good as anybody's, and I like to think I'm actually adding a little quality to the pile of steaming turdage that is AOHell...and besides, it is kinda cool to go look up something and see my work online.
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You know, I had planned on today being devoted to "Missing", but of course, I had to get the bloodflow regulated with a couple rounds of pinball...which led to some weird glitch. That led to an hour and a half of fucking with things, reinstalling the programs twice with a deep registry sweep-and-clear in the middle, and generally swearing like a drunken, angry sailor until it worked right again.

Still, I did finally get to play a, this game has got me hooked. Best $20 I've spent on a game in years. A mix of puzzle-solving, a little game-play, and a LOT of research on the Internet. Kinda creepy, but for completely different reasons than, say, "Silent Hill" (of which I am a self-confessed fanboy). Where "Silent Hill" is a horror game, full of atmosphere and shadow, it's still a game. You're playing it,and it's creepy, but it's just a game. "Missing", though...the only time it actually shows that it's a game is inside the box it comes in. Past that, there is no indication that this is a game, at all. Everything you interact with is just as real as it could be, and doesn't 'break character' with disclaimers on websites or game logos hidden in the corner of the 'contact us' page, or anything like that. It's easy to let yourself get totally immersed in it.

The plot is simple. A reporter happens to find an old Super-8 camera in a pawn shop, and upon arriving home, finds a film inside. Interested, he watches it, and what looks like an old home video of a trip plays...but at the end, the camera (un)luckily catches a murder in progress. The reporter does a little homework discovers that the cameraman disappeared, and decides to try and solve the case, taking off with a friend...and never returns. The network he works for receives word from someone called "Phoenix" that he has them/knows where the reporter and friend are, and the network shortly thereafter receives a strange CD-ROM, that will supposedly tell them everything, if only they can decipher it. That CD-ROM is what you have in your hands...good luck. An added bonus is that when you start the game, you register it with an e-mail address, and other members of the "team" that are working on it will mail you as you go, as well as the network, and a serial killer expert. Other clues come up in the mails, and help with tough areas, as well. I've already got a folder full of correspondence and a bookmark list of sites I've been to.

It really pulls you in. It kinda reminds me a little of 'Silence of the Lambs', a little of 'Se7en'...tracking the serial killer through his own twisted clues, trying to beat him at his own game. It's definitely well worth the play...but be ready to do the research.

Maintenance Update

The fix-it guy? Doorknob The Magnificent? He showed up today with his wood stick (cut to the proper length this time) and a drill...he fools around for a good ten minutes and then comes out (with stick in hand, oddly enough) telling me he's got it fixed, should be fine, and that the metal brackets in question are part of the dishwasher, so if for some reason they really DO break (they had only just pulled loose, it seems), they'd have to figure something out.

So, after he leaves, I'm curious, and I go check. The wood strip he was going to add, so that the screws wouldn't pull out, was, of course, not there...and the screws are just screwed right into the counter material (which is where they were before, and pulled loose, hence the wood strip). Oh, yeah, this guy's really got my confidence up...
Do Us A Favor...

Get Over It

OK, OK, one little political thingy: this whole "possibly forged documents on CBS" thing...

Let It Go.

Isn't there enough mud-slinging in this fuckin' campaign already? I mean, OK, you're an American Human, and thus you've apparently decided that, in order to elect the best man for the job of President, you're going to look at anything and everything...except the actual issues...but, Christ, people, this is starting to sound like an episode of the Art Bell show. Drop all the idiocy, and try looking into what each man actually stands for, and choose accordingly. Vietnam was a long time ago, guys...let's stick to the now, whattayasay?
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Getting Old (Suckage)


I've got a cast-iron stomach. I can eat just about anything with a nod and a wink and never look back. I can see/deal with the most disgusting things, and it just doesn't faze me...

...but this...this made my stomach churn.

Do yourself a favour. Don't click the link. If you do, don't read the story it leads to. It's a short little story called "Guts", by Chuck Palahniuk. Even if you like his stuff (and I do), think twice before you read it. And, if you are bound and determined to ignore all this advice, at least don't have eaten anything recently, and don't be going to bed soon.

Look, you know me. I don't give warnings lightly. *twitch*