October 27th, 2004

Burn The World

What Is Wrong With You People?

Oh, I'm good and mad, now.

1. Nintendo has sent a 'Cease and Desist' letter to indie porn site SuicideGirls, claiming an infringement on their intellectual property. Why? Because one of the members lists a couple Nintendo video games on his profile as 'favourites'. Yes, they really have nothing better to do, it seems. Sean Suicide, founder of the site, is quoted as saying "I enjoy an ice cold coca cola on a hot day. Do you think Coca Cola is going to sue me for posting that?" So, a big "Get A Fuckin' Life" goes out to the Ninnies at Nintendo.

2. A couple of weeks ago, following the last presidential debate, an LJ'er said some rather inflammatory things about G.W. Bush in a public post, done satirically. Apparently, some other LJ'er didn't think it was funny, though, because they reported her to the government, and the Secret Service showed up to question her. The incident went smoothly, actually, it took them all of ten minutes to decide that she is not a threat to national security, but the point is that this is FUCKED. Does the government have nothing better to do than this? Perhaps more importantly, to the unknown 'informant': FUCK YOU. Ever heard of free speech? Dissenting opinions ARE allowed in this country, and I'm not talking in fenced-off, away from the area 'speech zones' either. And, no, I'm not blaming Bush for this one; there's more to the government than the President. Tolerance, people. Freedom means freedom for everybody, and that means that sometimes, you have to put up with something you may not like. I don't understand why this is so hard to grasp...but plenty of people go out of their way to tell you what you can and can't see/watch/say/do. They suck, and that's bad.

3. I just nailed my bad knee against the desk, and it hurts so bad I'm holding back tears...holy fuck, this sucks...

On a good note, the clouds parted enough to show Erik the lunar eclipse.
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Bad Guy (Tough Words)

I'm On A Roll

Apparently, it's "Get archmage Riled Up" night.

- Some poor yuppie found a piece of latex in her trendy muffin. Frankly, I could care less, I think it's funny. The part the pisses me off is that the muffin's supplier seems to be doing everything he can to get out of it. it's bad enough that the number of complaints of foreign objects in food in the New York area is so huge that the Health Department can't get to them all, so they just fall by the wayside. But this, this is just patheetic. Only two compnaies supply muffins to the bodega where the muffin was bought; one doesn't make that type, the other clearly does...and yet, he's claiming that it's not from him, and wants a lab to analyze the muffin (at a cost of $600!) to confirm it's his. Would it have been easier to apologize, try to make amends and just be a good guy? He doesn't seem to think so.

- You know something is a trend when it gets it's own nickname. The latest: dirty driving, or drive-by porn. As more and more vehicles get these in-car DVD systems, seems more people are seeing porn in another's vehicle. Jesus fuckin' Christ on a rice cracker...porn while you drive? have a little common decency! Here's some things that REALLY scare me:
According to Wardsauto.com, an online trade publication, in the first six months of 2004, 401,000 domestic vans, S.U.V.'s and light trucks were produced with DVD video systems compared with 136,000 vehicles in the same class for the entire year of 2002. This year, the Consumer Electronics Association estimates that more than 110,000 systems will be installed after a vehicle is bought.
Add to that the fact that these systems are available with up to 17" screens, and i just have to know: are you zombies THAT UNABLE to get away from your TV sets?

I am disgusted at the flagrant lack of respect for one's fellow man that I see around me every day.

Icon Work

Too riled up, had to chill. So, what better way to focus my mind, than to make a new icon? Besides, I loved this character in Darkstalkers, and have been itching to do this one ever since I found the animation.