November 2nd, 2004


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Yes, you know what today is. Yes, go do it. No, I don't want to hear about it, just have a brain, not a gut (feeling), OK?

I have to agree with today's Doonesbury: "It almost makes one long for Richard Nixon, who decided not to contest the '60 results, because he felt it would tear the country apart." A damn sight more concerned with the nation than most these yahoos today, apparently.

Another interesting incident last night. About 11:30, went out for milk at the local grocery. They were stocking the shelves, so there are lots of boxes, etc., in the aisles. Obviously, not much room to manoeuvre. At one point, sliding down the condiment aisle (needed mayonnaise, too), I bumped into this one lady. Just a tap, really, barely anything, but I did. I immediately turned to apologize, when she jumps on me sneering "Well, I wouldn't expect good manners from someone like YOU." It took me a second to realize that she'd seen the long hair and the shirt I was wearing (an old band shirt for a satanic metal band in Salt Lake City called "Satanic Black", that I did some graphic work for several years ago) and jumped down my throat.

I just found it incredibly funny, since here she was, bitching at me about manners, when she was the one displaying horrible manners. Pretty hypocritical. Equally interesting is that I don't even LIKE the band; they gave me the shirt along with the payment for the work, and I've just had it ever since, but frankly, I've never thought the band was good.

Anyway, that was just stupid, but it didn't end in confrontation...see, I don't usually start a fight. ;)

Had a funny ending, though. As I went to check out, the cashier was changing the date on a big sign, and said she'd be right there. no worries. I see her glasses here on the register, and she comes back, smiles at me, and puts them on, and starts ringing up my items. She tells me the total is $6.61, and then looks at me (and the shirt), and grins, saying "Well, that was almost really cool for ya, huh?" I laughed, said sure, and paid. We giggled over it for another moment, and I left.

Good to see there are still some people left on this planet who can be relaxed and groovy.