November 12th, 2004


The End Of Nullsoft

A mixed emotional response to this: Death Knell Sounds for Nullsoft, Winamp - The last members of the original Winamp team have said goodbye to AOL and the door has all but shut on the Nullsoft era. Only a few employees remain to prop up the once-ubiquitous digital audio player with minor updates, but no further improvements to Winamp are expected.

Part of the problem seems to be that Nullsoft was a small company, and they were used to doing their thing, their way. When AOL bought them, the styles clashed; Nullsoft's "brainstorming over coffee" didn't jive well with AOHell's corporate beast. When Gnutella was released, AOHell killed it (not quite in time, but still). Same with WASTE...and that nearly made WinAmp creator Justin Frankel up and leave. He hung on long enough to finish WA 5.0 (making the comeback for the position lost by crappy WA 3)...but, now, they're all gone.

I'm sad to hear this, as WinAmp has been, IMHO, the best of the best for a long time. On the other hand, I'm glad to see it close down before AOHell really got into it.
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Long Night

Slept too late last night, which always throws my day off, just slightly.

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The Company That I Work For has been making me edgy lately. Work from them has fallen way off, and that bugs me, but it's not the real problem. The problem is that I have, in my contract, that my invoices will be paid in 30 days...but I've now had to get on to them about paying me on time, TWICE. Both times, no note that it would be late, or any explanation, just a no-show on the check. If all goes according to plan, my check should be sent out today, bringing my pay back up to (mostly) current. Add to that, a different payment from them coming from elsewhere, and that invoice, despite having been sent to them two weeks ago, only two days ago shipped to the money man, and no one knows WHEN he'll cut me a check for the work, makes me very displeased. There's a logo I'm working on now, and I have a feeling that, when it's done, no one gets it until I have a definite pay schedule in writing. Don't ever think that, because I work out of my home and work for myself, that I have it easy.

Oh, one last message: to the young lady I spoke to last night: I do understand, believe it or not. And I meant what I said, friend. Stay strong.
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Make Frank A Happy Man

Jeez, do I have a life? I think I left it in a box somewhere...

So, it occurred to me that it's one month until my birthday. Yeesh, whatever. I'm not in that whole "I hate my birthday" category anymore, which is a plus, but I never have anything to say on the subject when asked. Like I told nythien last night, I'm terrible when it comes to people asking me what I want. Mostly because there just aren't many things I want that I don't go ahead and get for myself somehow, and those few things are either pretty expensive, or very boring and mundane. Mostly I just tell people not to bother, thanks for the thought, and no worries.

Well, OK, here ya go. Here's something I want, and it can come from each and every one of you.

I want a rockin' fan sign. Get a pic of yourself, throwin' the horns, hair in the air (beautycorrosion is exempt from that part), tongue hangin' me your inner rocker. Have a sign that says "Happy Birthday Frank" or "I Heart You" or whatever slogan you want to show off, even if it's "You're A Fat, Fucked-Up Bastard". Rock out with your cock out (or, if you're a gun nut, with your Glock out...or, if you're a cattle owner, with your stock out...or if you're a cook, with your crock out...or if you're just old, with your clock out). Show me some love, dammit. Drag anyone into the picture you want, I don't care. It's the visual that I'm lookin' for.

Bonus points go out for:
- obnoxious public displays, with onlooking confused Normals
- obnoxious public displays, with participating confused Normals
- including famous people
- attractive females who shed clothing for the pic (as much as you are willing)

Gimme. That's what I want. Cheap, easy, and one-size-fits-all.

OK, I want to get tore-up, fucked-in-half drunk, too, but I can't afford it and I have responsibilities, but as long as I'm dreaming, right? Like Daffy Duck said, "Hey buddy, I'd like...I'd like? I'd like a trip to Europe!"
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Work Work Work

Now that October is past, and things can calm back down...I need to get back to work.

Expect to see icon hijacks...
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There Is No Banana

Yeah, Yeah, I Piss Everyone Off At Some Point

Everyone's all partying about the Scott Peterson verdict. Here's all I'll say:

1. Yes, I'm all for him being hit with the first-degree murder guilt. It's pretty damn obvious he did it, and it's good to see justice prevail.

2. No, I'm not particularly lovin' the second-degree hit for the unborn son, as I think it just sets more precedent to try and outlaw abortion (by making unborn children 'citizens' that can be then counted as murder victims). Why not make the murder sentence for the REAL victim higher to compensate, why a separate charge? Because politics is everywhere. That's just my opinion.

3. Look, like I said, I'm glad he's busted, too. Someone was killed, and the murderer should pay. But, Christ, kids, let's tone down the victory celebrations a tad, eh? You didn't know either of them, or their families, or have any connection to them. They are outside your monkeysphere. It's one thing to be happy that justice is served, it's quite another to holler 'Vengeance For Laci' as if you knew her. She might not have been such a great person, herself, ever think of that? And you're cheering that a man's gonna (eventually) die...yeah, you look stellar. Don't be manipulated by the media, eh? Lots of people are murdered every day, and you don't know about it...just because this one made national news, it's a personal crusade for you? Sheesh, I'm seeing people just about dancing in the streets over this...and outside of family/friends, I don't see where that is necessary. Of course, I don't get into professional sports, either, so what do I know?

I'm not trying to counterscream, here...I'm just saying to be aware of exactly what all you're so happy about. Try to be a little less monkey-like. Remember, there is no banana.
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And On Into The Night

I should go to bed at a decent hour tonight. Been up late for a couple nights running, and I have to up and out the door at 8am tomorrow; headed to the in-laws' to rewire their TV/Cable/DVD/VCR/Stereo. Not hard, but I better be awake for it.

zombiedip is sick as a dog, feels terrible. Probably crashing early tonight, Hell, she took off of work early today, which is unlike her. Erik had it, she got it...I'm looking down the barrel of a gun, here.

Hey, on a good note, I appear to have found the resonating frequency of my apartment. Reading some stuff to Di, I made a loud "WHOOOO!" sound, and both of us just stopped dead, listing to the ringing die away...fuckin' CREEPY.

Just a couple more races before bed, I think...heh, yeah right.
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