November 21st, 2004

Glow Skull

Stupid Hollywood, Number Whatever In A Series

So, Di and I went and rented both the original and the remake of "The Stepford Wives". I haven't seen the original since, yeesh, I was 12 or something, and Di had never seen it. As kind of a creepy thriller, I was interested to see what they did with the remake...I should have avoided it.

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I wasn't quite as disgusted as I expected to be, since it wasn't an outright comedy (the basic points of the story were still there, and thus it was a little "dark", but not really), but I was a still very disappointed. Turning a horror flick into a comedy...what's next, Saturday morning kid's show "Freddy's Playhouse On Elm Street"?

Long Day

But then, Sundays usually are.

Up early to get things rolling. Deal with the yahoos at the local convenience store until they get their shit together and get me the fixin's for my Sunday morning cheeseburger, dammit (I don't ask much, just get me some mayo). Up and off to get Erik, and out to the farm. Spent the time there working, hauling wood and loading chicken feed. Ray's not doing good, but he goes in Wednesday to have his heart checked out, so we'll hope for the best there.

While out there, I got to talk to dravengodvamp on the phone. Man, that kicked ass. He sounds better than I expected, and it was good to hear his voice and know he's OK. Two weeks and counting (well, two weeks as of tomorrow), and we're all hoping for a triumphant return to freedom. He sends his best to all who have written him, and profuse thanks for same.

Finally out of there, with one little scary moment when I thought Di was going to back into Wayne's pickup (friend of the family who was over). Only put one shallow dent in our passenger side front door, nothing to really worry about. On we went to take Erik mini-golfing. See, he gets a "grade" at the house each day, depending on his behaviour and attitude, and last month he did straight A's, the whole month, so this was his reward. He's only been a couple times, and Di's NEVER been (if you can dig that!), so it was fun, all around. We had found a place that's right near the house, so it was a good time, all around.

Back here finally, talked to discordian for a little bit about "Saw", and installed and played a little bit of Lemony Snicket's: A Series of Unfortunate Events (which isn't bad, though the lack of camera control inversion annoys me to no end)...believe it or not, I'm actually wanting to see the movie, even though Jim Carrey is in it. You know he's going to overact every damn scene he's in, and try to steal the show, and come off looking like a jackass, but whatever. his character is an overdramatizing bad acytor...perfect for that hack. Besides, the books I've read were good.

And now, some hot dogs, tater tots, and a little R'n'R. Yeah, it's a non-stop party at Chez Chaos, eh?
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