December 2nd, 2004

Smackdown (Anger)

A Slight Case Of Mood Poisoning...Must Be Something I Hate

Actually, I'm not in a bad mood today, I just REALLY like that phrase. Ten points to anyone who can identify the source.

But, while I'm here...

- I hate discourteous and ignorant people. I'm not talking a general sense, I'm talking about the combination of the two, and why they all gravitate to jobs in retail and fast food. And, no, I'm not saying all retail and food service employees are that way, just saying this type seems to end up there. You know the ones: the self-absorbed idiots who get your order wrong, and then act put-upon when you point it out to them, or the sales clerk who doesn't want to help you. Hey, I know they can be high-stress, soul-sucking jobs, no question, but if you can't hack it, get the fuck out. I've worked several jobs that were downright mentally abusive, but I kept my pride together...that's no excuse. Have a little intelligence and courtesy, and people respond to it.

- Also, know what else I hate? LJ morons. The ones that claim they are "too lazy" to make an LJ-cut (because it's SO DAMN HARD to type 8 keystrokes). The people that ask you if you've seen such-and-such post but haven't noticed that you COMMENTED to it. Morons who make an LJ-cut, and put only a text link behind it...why did that need to be cut? People who "don't know how to make a link" or "post a picture" and make community posts asking how, instead of READING THE FAQ. Or, my personal (non)fave, the ones who don't LJ-cut, ON PURPOSE, making the excuse that "it's my journal", ignoring the whole fact that they are obviously writing for others to read in a public format.

It all goes back to common courtesy and gentility, which humanity seems to have lost in favour of making a few bucks. *sigh*

Side Note

Does anyone have an MP3 of this song? I only have the video, and would like to have it on my playlist...

EDIT: funny, I didn't actually post which song...DUH. Oh well, I found it anyway, so it's a moot point. (The song was Junior Jack's 'Stupidisco', which is a really kickin' dance track.)